Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Trip to Atlanta, GA (Day 3): The Varsity

Later that day, we all decided we needed a day out of the house. So off we went. Some people went to see the Bodies exhibit, others shopping, and others a car tour of the city. I picked the car tour because I've seen the exhibit in NYC and shopping doesn't interest me. So off we went to saw everything in site. It was awesome. When lunch time came around, I held the reins of where we should go. I went on the trip with a long list of places I wanted to try but only had the chance to go to one. So which one did I pick? The Varsity. Yeah the food isn't phenomenal but it's an institution. Food aside, I like to go to places that has been around for years or decades. They're there for a reason. People keep going back for a reason. The food may taste different as we grow up, but the nostalgia is worth it.

This largest drive-in churns out hot dogs and burgers everyday for the masses. "What y'all have?" is what you'll hear at the counter. Order quickly and swiftly. They can be testy but in a funny way. And the food comes pretty quickly. They have their system down and no one stands around being hungry.

Tables can be a little harder to come by due to the massive amounts of hungry bodies that flow through the place. But look around and don't feel shy about pushing a few tables together. I ordered the Classic Combo #2 which comes with a chili cheese dog, a chili cheeseburger, a choice of fries or onion rings, and a drink ($7.60). Though the food is nothing amazing and some might even turn their nose up to it, I found it perfect for the occasion. This is place where I would expect this kind of food and happily ate it. A simple hot dog and burger both smothered in chili.
The onions were well crispy and hot. You can actually taste the onion which is always a good thing.
For dessert, we had fried peach pie a la mode ($3.60). This was awesome! You can really tell that this was deep fried. The crust was ridiculously crunchy. Insides, the pot peaches were sweet. The cool vanilla ice cream was creamy and sweet. A great combination.
We also got a brownie ($1.80) to share. And honestly, it was a lot better than it looked. Chocolaty and soft. It wasn't fudgey enough for me but the taste was nice. A scoop of ice cream would have went well with it too.
The Varsity is exactly what I expected: an institution that has been doing it's own thing for decades. Expect fast food and nostalgia. I would go back any time.

The Varsity
61 North Avenue Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30308-2166
(404) 881-1706

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  1. Sounds like my kind of fast food! Gonna have to put it on my list the next time I'm in Atlanta =)


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