Monday, September 19, 2011

My Trip to Atlanta, GA (Day 4): Iberico Ham

Right before we left for the airport, I mentioned to The Chef that I wanted to try some of the ham he had hanging in his kitchen. Why? It was Iberico ham. Those Spanish pigs that feast on acorns are highly regarded right now making it super expensive. So when someone has a whole leg and offers some to you, you say yes.

The outside of the leg was dried out to protect the cured meat inside.

So The Chef went and sliced off the fat and hard ham pieces.

Until he got to the soft supple meat way down inside. He used his special sharp knife to slice wafer thin pieces off. This knife was so thin that it flexed with the curved of the meat. Nice!
And here's my first piece. Paperthin meat so good and creamy. Salty, yes. Fatty, yes. Good, no. GREAT! We stood around as he sliced pieces of meat off for each and every one of us. It was almost like a herd of seals waiting to be fed by their trainer. Hahahaha! I bet we can do some Pavlov experiments with people using Iberico ham as the bait.
Last meal in the Atlanta house was Iberico ham. Not bad. Not bad at all. Thanks to The Chef and his family for their hospitality and kindness. I know I speak for everyone when I say that we truly had a wonderful time. Thank you.


  1. is The Chef looking for a new best friend?

    anyone with a whole Iberico ham should be a friend of mine.

  2. It is at this time that iberian ham, snuffling on the sandy ground for charming acorns (bellota) fallen from the trees. Across in Portugal they are known as "porco de raça Alentejana", but to everyone in Spain, these fat pigs with slender legs are known simply as "pata negra" because of their trademark black hooves.iberico ham


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