Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Trip to Richmond, VA (Part 2): Plaza Azteca

That night, we headed out for some Mexican food. I was really happy because I hardly get to eat Mexican food. Not sure why exactly but that's just how it's been. I need to correct that. Anyway, Mexican food in Richmond, VA. We went to the restaurant Plaza Azteca. The place was really crowded but we were able to get a table.

We sat down at your wooden table. One gripe, the chairs. They were nice and pretty but really heavy. So heavy that I needed both arms to drag it out in order to sit in it. Any annoyance from the chairs were quickly relieved by some fresh tortilla chips with salsa and their special creamy sauce. I'm not sure what the sauce is exactly but it tasted slightly like ranch sauce but with a kick. The chips were really thin and crunchy. I couldn't stop eating them. Salty crunchy snacks are delicious! As for the salsa, it was smooth and quite tasty. I think they may have used roasted tomatoes. Always a plus!

For our appetizer, we decided to share a bowl of guacamole ($3.80). They make it tableside here. I'm always a sucker for table service. I like a show.
So here's the completed guacamole. We ordered it medium but it wasn't spicy at all. I wish it had a little more spice but that's just me. Overall, it was lime-y which I like and smooth. I like that they left some chunks in it which is way more texturally appealing to me. Paired with those tortilla chips, this was a really nice starter. Even though it's all fruits and veggies, it's pretty filling. Again, I had to stop myself from overindulging. I'm trying to learning self control. Trying so hard....
I also ordered a margarita to enjoy after a very long drive. Oooh, this hit the spot very nicely. Good fresh lime flavor and smooth. This large goblet went down too easy.
For our entrees, someone ordered the Enchiladas Poblanas ($8) which included 2 chicken enchiladas topped with poblano sauce and served with rice.
The men each got the Burrito Plaza del Mar ($9), I think. It was whatever the biggest burrito was on the menu. It was exactly what they wanted and had no issues finished it.
I had the Lobster Enchiladas ($9.50) which included 3 enchiladas filled with lobster, green onions, cilantro, cheese, and covered in a cheese sauce. I was happily surprised to find actual chunks of lobster meat, small and large, in the enchiladas. The tortilla could have been of better quality but it didn't matter much. The star was the lobster. I also appreciated the corn on top. I love corn and it's always welcome in my food. The side of rice was also well seasoned and really fluffy.
I enjoyed Plaza Azteca for what it was. Yeah it wasn't true Mexican but I knew that going in. In fact, it's hard to find true Mexican any where. But this was tasty food at a good price. I especially enjoyed the guacamole and fresh tortilla chips. I could make a meal of that all by myself. I would definitely enjoy going again.

Plaza Azteca
12020 West Broad Street
Henrico, VA 23233-7689
(804) 360-7439‎


  1. i would be scared to order any lobster dish that cost less than $10. glad your survived. food looks good even if it wasn't authentic.

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