Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Trip to Richmond, VA (Part 4): Can Can Brasserie

Later that day, Mr. M&P and I took some time to ourselves to explore the city. I've never been before and really like to see the sites. Yeah, I'm a tourist. Whatever. Anyway, the city is pretty small and most places were closed due to the holiday weekend. I really enjoyed it though. Well except for the extreme heat. It was really hot and it made me slow. Very slow and sleepy. Anyway, while walking around, we stopped at Can Can Brasserie to eat. They were at the end of their lunch service but allowed up to squeeze in. I was thankful for that service and for the A/C they had.

We sat and down a few tall glasses of iced water right away. Later, they brought over some soft bread and butter.

After looking over the menu, I decided to do the prix fixe lunch ($16) while Mr. M&P had an entree. My prix fixe started with soup or salad. I chose salad which came lightly dressed. This was a good start to the meal though I think it was too big as a starter.
To keep me company, Mr. M&P ordered some fries ($4). Unfortunately, they were cold and soft. I guess these were just sitting out until the end of service.
For his meal, Mr. M&P had a Croque Madame ($11) which is a ham and cheese sandwich covered in bechamel sauce with a fried egg on top. He loved this! It's just his kind of food. Super rich and delicious.
For my entree, I had a choice of one of the plates of the week. I chose the stuffed quail over spring vegetables. Woah, this serving was huge! I couldn't finish it especially with the big salad to start. But it was really tasty. The quail was tender and the stuffing really nice. I don't particularly remember what it was stuffed with but I'm pretty certain that it was more meat. Pork maybe? The spring vegetables were a delight. I especially liked the onions and fava beans.
Can Can Brasserie is a really cute place. It's pretty big so I assume that could accommodate large parties, if necessary. Anyway, I liked our server and definitely enjoyed my food. The price was definitely very nice as well. I would definitely go back again.

Can Can Brasserie
3120 West Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221-3504
(804) 358-7274

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