Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Trip to Richmond, VA (Part 5): BBQ

Later that night, we fired up the grill and enjoyed a lovely Southern BBQ. Family and friends were invited and the party started. Lots of food rolled out and people chatted, mingled, and just had a nice time.

First up, the sangria. I think there was frozen lemonade in this. Whatever the case, it was tasty and too easy to drink. I love sangria and this was perfect for the party. Some people liked it so much that they ate the fruit afterward...ahem...ahem.

One of the first appetizers was spinach dip with Hawaiian bread. I've never had this kind of bread before was very curious about it. It's really soft and slightly sweet. It went really well with the spinach dip.
An easy to please pizza with tomatoes and cheese. I like anything with cheese on it. Yum!
The burgers were fired up and grilled with melted cheese on top. Can't have a BBQ without a staple.
Some sausages were also grilled up with some pepper and onions on the side.
And now the sides. Someone brought over some pasta salad. Simple and good. Love the basil flower on top.
I saw these in the supermarket and wanted to try it really badly.
But that was a mistake because they were TERRIBLE!! They did not taste like burgers at all.
Some boiled corn. Delicious sweet white summer corn!! People were amazed by how I ate it: kernel by kernel making a spiral staircase through the whole cob. I do birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, proms, etc.
Dessert was some ridiculously sweet watermelon. Honestly, I have never had watermelon this sweet before. It was soooooo good. The trick I've learned to pick out watermelons: one side should be yellow and flat. It's the side that's been lying next to the ground. Pick it up and slap it. It should feel like it's full of water. Oh and only buy them in season.
And last but not least, an oreo ice cream birthday cake for one special little girl.
Her birthday meant delicious cake for everyone! Score!!

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  1. Looks good! I've been on a watermelon spree but never knew what to look for when buy one. Thanks for the tip!


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