Saturday, September 10, 2011


A while ago, a few of us went out randomly for some food and drinks. First up, Quartino which is a small organic restaurant in the East Village. The place is quaint but really cute.

I wasn't very hungry that night because I had already eaten so I just opted to sample some wine and slowly eat an appetizer. I had octopus cooked with potatoes. This was an odd dish for the summer because it seemed like it would be heavy. But it wasn't at all. The octopus was cooked well and wasn't rubbery at all. The potatoes were cut small so it added a nice creaminess to the dish. The squeeze of the lemon was ideal and just freshened everything up even more.

The rest of the party had a variety of appetizer, some even to share. I only took pictures of the dishes around me. This is the tomato and mozzarella caprese appetizer ($12) which looked really fresh. The mozzarella cheese looked so creamy.
For their entress, most people had pasta while some people had pizza. Please note that all of their pizza and pasta are made from whole wheat. That was a turn off for some people at the table but otherwise, the overall consensus was that it was good. Below is the pappardelle al pesto ($16). The wide ribbons of pasta were liberally coated with fresh pesto that smelled great.
This is the gnocchi with tomato basil sauce ($15). Not sure if the gnocchi was soft like pillows. I couldn't hear many comments that night. The buzz in the room that night was elevated.
And lastly, the Fettuccine con carciofi, pinoli e menta (Fettuccine with fresh artichokes, pine nuts & mint - $16). The fresh summer look of this dish looked really nice. It certainly fit the mood that night.
Although I didn't eat much at Quartino, I liked the atmosphere. It's definitely a nice place to go to when in the neighborhood. Keep in mind that it's small and can only hold so many people at once. However, if you just want a nice glass (or bottle) of wine to drink, there's a bar in the front. Sit down and peruse their list. You'll probably find something you'd enjoy.

11 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012-2402
(212) 529-5133

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