Friday, September 16, 2011

Teresa's Caffe

One weekend in Princeton while visiting my in laws, Mr. M&P, Ms. Pastry Chef, and I decided to head out to dinner. We went into Princeton late after watching a movie. I wanted to Teresa's Caffe after hearing good things about it.

This cute restaurant also has a nice sized bar for people who just want a drink and maybe something small to eat. I would also like to say that the restaurant is good for kids. We saw many of them that night and the service was still very nice to each and every table.

After we ordered, we were given some seasoned olive oil and bread to munch on while we waited. I really enjoyed this oil. Herbs, garlic, and pepper flakes made it just so much better.
For his entree, Mr. M&P had the lasagna ($18). The serving was a nice size but not huge. Very well portioned, actually. It came with beef, mozzarella cheese, plum tomato sauce, and bechamel sauce. I know he really liked this because he finished every last bite, including all of the sauce.
Ms. Pastry Chef had the Garganelli ($19) which had fresh pasta, mushrooms, arugula, truffle butter, and grana padano cheese. She really enjoyed this as well. The truffle butter was definitely noticeable but not overwhelming. You could still taste all the other ingredients in the dish.
I had the Cavatelli Salsiccia ($18) which came with hot sausage, asparagus, olives, smoked mozzarella, and tomato sauce. I really enjoyed this dish. It was really simple using fresh in season ingredients. Everything just worked really well together. The pasta was cooked well. The sweet/tangy tomato sauce complemented the briny kalamata olives while the fresh snap of the asparagus gave texture to a soft, creamy mozzarella. I spicy sausage didn't overwhelm the other flavors and just added enough heat to be noticeable. The meat was a nice richness to an otherwise fresh dish. I would really enjoy making this dish at home as well.
I really enjoyed Teresa's Caffe. I hear that their pizzas are also good as well. I'll try that next time. And yes, there will be a next time because I really liked the food, the attentive service, and the cute decor.

Teresa's Caffe
23 Palmer Square East
Princeton, NJ 08542-3714
(609) 921-1974


  1. Wow. That Italian food looks great! Mostly the lasagna. 0_0'

  2. i prefer 3 meats in my lasagna a la Marie Callenders

  3. I want some meaty-cheesy Lasagna. Non-frozen would be great.

  4. I love this place!! One of the spots I've hit often on my Princeton trips. Defintiely try the pizza next time, so delicious. I love that all their ingredients are so fresh.


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