Friday, September 23, 2011

Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Whenever we have friends from out of town come into the city, we like to take them out to a nice place to eat. They requested steak and lucky for them that NYC is known for their dry aged steaks. We juggled a couple of options around and finally decided on Wolfgang's Steakhouse. It would be the best option for people who do not eat a lot. The porterhouses are shared and a steak for 2 could easily feed 3 or 4 smaller eaters.

I really like the look for Wolfgang's especially their ceilings. They're low and arched and very unique. They also have a pretty good bar up front where lots of people would choose to dine. But we were taking guests out so a table was necessary.

As we looked over the menu, we took advantage of the soft bread. A nice variety ranging from onion to poppy seed to plain.
Similar to Peter Luger, Wolfgang's offers their own special sauce as well. It tastes mainly of cocktail sauce.
We didn't want to start too heavy so we had a couple of salads. This is the Wolfgang salad ($14) which was very fresh and nice. The lettuce cup was stuffed with cucumbers, tomatoes, shrimp, and bacon. Everything was well cooked, the shrimp wasn't rubbery, and the bacon was crisp. And it was lightly dressed which is always good in my book.
We also ordered a plate of tomatoes and mozzarella ($14). The tomatoes were very sweet while the cheese was creamy and soft. They complemented each other very well. The basil sauce on top added a nice herbaceous tone to the dish.
And how could we not order some sizzling bacon ($4/slice). Thick cut, charred, and salty. This is delicious. It's almost ham-like in quality but still had that great cured bacon flavor. And the fat, the deliciously charred fat.
For steaks, we ordered 2 porterhouses, each was a steak for 2 people. One was cooked medium and the other medium-rare. The steak, unfortunately, was overcooked. Too much brown. I think the residual heat really over did it. I had to pick the middle pieces for more bloody goodness.
Here's a piece of the medium-rare. I consider that medium. A little more red in the middle and more pink along the edge would have been perfect for me. However, flavor-wise, it was very good. You can taste the intensified beef only to be brought our even more with a good hand of salt and pepper. The char on the outside created a nice crust.
I can't have steak without some potatoes. We picked the German potatoes to share ($12) which were okay. There was a mix of crust and soft potato but some pieces were overly burned. I picked those out and ate the rest.
The creamed spinach ($10) was very nice. It tasted very much like the leafy vegetable without having the cream take away from it. Though smooth, it still had a mouthfeel to keep it from resembling pudding.
The sauteed mushrooms ($12) were mediocre but seemed severely overpriced.
And here's my plate of food. I like to get a little of each and try everything. My second and third plates usually have more of what I liked that night which was mainly the steak and the creamed spinach.
Our guests really enjoyed their meal and experience. Although the steak was overcooked this time, the overall experience was nice. I've been to Wolfgang's before when all of the food was spot on. I guess it could have been an off night. Nonetheless, I would go back without a hesitation.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse
4 Park Ave
New York, NY 10016
(212) 889-3369‎


  1. never been here eventhough it is super close to home.

    Wolfgang was actually a waiter or manager from Luger's.

    i like grilled meat!

  2. I like grilled meat too. We should hang out.

  3. Burnt taters and meh shrooms does not make a happy tummy but delicious cow does. Baby cow too.

    I can't wait to go back to Luger's sometime.


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