Monday, October 31, 2011

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 7): Domino Ice Cream

Later that night, we made a night run to the local supermarket to load up on candy and chocolate. While at the register, I noticed the ice cream box and looked in. Everything looked normal/boring until I spotted this: a Domino Ice Cream bar made by Good Humor.

Why did it catch me eye? Once side was a chocolate covered ice cream sandwich while the other was a wafer ice cream sandwich. Was it as good as I thought? Hells yes! The wafer suffered a bit from being frozen but I didn't care. It was glorious and sated my after meal ice cream fix.

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 7): Harput @ Wiesbaden

Later that night we met up with our landlord/host again for dinner. We headed out to have Turkish cuisine which was a welcome change to all the German food we've been having.

Doc Nut and I weren't too extremely hungry so we didn't order any appetizers. However, that didn't stop Mr. Haribo Mule from getting his linsensuppe (lentil soup - €3) which he enjoyed very much. He said it was really rich and spiced really nicely.

The soup came with mercimek corbasi (flatbread) which was HUGE! The thin bread was slightly cooked on both sides. Some pieces were crunchy while others were softer. A light oil slick covered the top and was pretty delicious on its own.
Doc Nut decided to get something interesting to drink and had a can of Uludag soda (€1.30). It turned out to be a citrus cream soda. It was just okay.
For her entree, she had the doner sandwich (€3.50). The gyro meat came topped with lots of vegetable and stuffed into a fresh pita.
Mr. Haribo Mule had the doner sandwich deluxe (€4) which came with some more meat.
As for myself, I had the adama kebap (€8) which came with 2 pork kebaps, salad, grilled tomato, grilled long pepper, and rice. The meat was juicy and had a lot of different spices in it. It was really nice. The rice was flavorful on its own as well. I think they mixed some spices and almond slivers in it. It paired very well with the kebap. The grilled long pepper wasn't very spicy but provided a bit of heat while the grilled tomato was juicy and one side was caramelized. The only downfall of the dish was the sad looking and tasting salad. It looked and tasted old. The radicchio cabbage was extremely bitter and the lettuce was bruised and wilted. I topped eating that immediately.
After the meal, we each get a small glass for hot tea. It was a nice way to help aid digestion.

Harput Restaurant
Wellritzstraße 14
65183 Wiesbaden, Germany
0611 406196

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 7): Back Factory @ Wiesbaden

After a long day of walking around and shopping, we decided to stop at a bakery and relax. Back Factory was mainly a bread bakery and offered lots of different loaves and rolls and sandwiches.

Once I saw the cheese pretzel (€0.79) I knew I had to have it. It certainly was cheesy but it could have been improved if it were served warm. The cold pretzel was very chewy and the cheese was congealed. Not the most appetizing thing.

However, what I did admire about the place was the automatic bread slicer. You can buy a loaf of fresh bread and then have it sliced by a machine. It even helps you wrap it up in plastic. It was great! We need that here in the States.

Back Factory
Kirchgasse 5
65185 Wiesbaden, Germany
0611 1609731

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 7): Eis Benedetto Casal @ Wiesbaden

As usual, ice cream was had after lunch. This time only I participated. Oh well, someone has to keep the tradition going.

This time I picked a scoop of the Snickers flavor (€1) which came with whole peanuts, fudgey swirls, and caramel. It really reminded me of the namesake candy bar. It was really good.

Eis Benedetto Casal
Kirchgasse 25
Wiesbaden, Hessen 65185

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 7): Farmer's Market @ Wiesbaden

The next day, Doc Nut and I had the day to ourselves again. We decided to go and explore Wiesbaden some more. Lucky for me, the farmer's market was set up that day. I definitely wanted to see how people shopped for groceries. I was also on the lookout for some gifts to bring home. After I bought some homemade jam, we were on the lookout for lunch. I spotted this lovely chicken truck at the side of the farm. The line for this place was pretty long. I decided to stroll through the whole market before I made a decision. But nothing else looked or smelled as delicious as this place. The other options was meat or sausage from butcher trailers or sandwiches from bread stands. Fresh roast chicken seemed way more enticing to me.

I stood in line patiently and watched each customer order. I wanted to make sure to get the popular item. It seemed like a lot of people took whole chickens or halves home. You can even just get a chicken thigh if you're not that hungry. However, I was ravenous by this time and ordered a half roasted chicken (€3.50) to go. The guy goes and takes the chicken off the rolling spit then chops it up for you. He places it in this wax lined bag that's perfect for travel. The juices stay in and the meat is kept warm.

Doc Nut and I found a shady bench to sit on and went to town. I ripped open my bag and smelled the deliciousness coming from it. But I showed self control and took pictures first. After that, the camera went back into my bag and the food was shoved into my mouth. The chicken was delicious. They really seasoned it well, the meat was juicy, and it was served on the bone. Even the white meat was very pleasant.
Doc Nut opted for a chicken leg and some sandwiches instead. She thought the chicken was good and her sandwich just okay. She said that the bread seemed stale. I hope that maybe it was just the sun that sucked the freshness from the bread instead of them using old bread in sandwiches.
This chicken truck was amazing and I was glad I decided to get lunch from there. It was awesome! No wonder the line was so long.

Wiesbaden Farmer's Market
Market Square
Wiesbaden, Germany

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 6): Webers Wikinger @ Wiesbaden

After our massive walking trip through the streets of Frankfurt, we headed back to Wiesbaden to meet our dear host for dinner. He took us to Webers Wikinger which is a vikings-esque restaurant. We really wanted to sit outside in the cool air but all the tables were full and the wait was long. We sat inside instead.

Be warned, it's REALLY hot inside. Uncomfortably hot. We asked to open the windows which they obliged but we needed some clever engineering to keep the windows open. The cool drafts were nice but not enough to keep us from sweating throughout the whole meal. Oh well, we made the best of it.

When Doc Nut and I were in Frankfurt earlier in the day, we had realized that the city drink is Apfelwein (Apple Wine). We were already heading to the train at this point and didn't have time to look for it. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that Webers Wikinger offered it! I ordered a small regular apfelwein (€2). It was slightly sweet and reminded me of Martinelli's sparkling apple cider but not as sweet. Overall it was just okay for me. Doc Nut had the sweet version which wasn't very good. It just tasted off like it was artificially sweetened.
To start the meal, Mr. Haribo Mule ordered the Vorspeisen Platte (€15) for the table to share. This appetizer platter came with so many different things! To start, it had bruschetta toast with mozzarella cheese, garlic bread, onion rings, prosciutto, chicken skewers, salad, sour cream, and pork skewers. I thought the bruschetta with cheese was mediocre. It was really the cheese that made me dislike it. It wasn't fresh mozzarella. It tasted rubbery. However, the rest of the platter was quick nice including the prosciutto, onion rings, and skewers. One major complaint that I had was the lettuce. I started eating that and found it sandy. Obviously they didn't clean it properly thinking people wouldn't eat it. Well I ate it and it wasn't pleasant.
And now onto the entrees. Doc Nut had the Schnitzel Holstein (€13) which was a pork schnitzel with onions and a fried egg on top. It came with crispy fried potatoes. The fried egg is pretty genius on a schnitzel. The creamy, rich nature of the yolk added a nice contrast to the crispy pork.
Her dish also came with a fresh salad which was nice and refreshing compared to the heavy meal. It was a welcomed accompaniment.
Mr. Haribo Mule had the Ribeye Steak (300grams - €20). It came with a thick garlic sauce and fried potatoes. I think he really enjoyed this steak saying that it was properly cooked and a good size.
I had the Lammkoteletts (€12) which was 5 grilled lamb chops with garlic sauce and a side of mixed vegetables. My plate was huge! I didn't expect that many lamb chops which by the way were gamey. However, that flavor doesn't bother me one but it might deter other people. The garlic sauce was a nice touch and added a ton of flavor. I mainly used it on the fried potatoes though. I liked my lamb just the way it was.
My side of mixed vegetables turned out to some really overcooked vegetables. They were so soft that I hardly had to use my teeth to chew it. Disappointing to sat the least.
Overall, I really enjoyed this place though the inside was really hot. It almost ruined the meal but when you're amongst good friends it's hard to take away from the happy experience. As for the food, if you're looking for a properly grilled piece of meat, this is the place to go in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Webers Wikinger
Grabenstraße 14
65183 Wiesbaden, Germany
0611 307622

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 6): Coffee Fellows

While Doc Nut and I walked around some more, we wanted to take a break and relax a bit. She was also feeling a bit bogged down and wanted a coffee. So we stopped at Coffee Fellows for a break.

While she enjoyed her coffee, I went to have an ice cream. They had a Dulce in the same shop. Since it was such a warm day, this would be a nice cooling treat. I wanted to try a different flavor, as usual, and picked the strawberry cheesecake. Unfortunately there was a miscommunication and I ended up with a double scoop in a large cone (€1.50). Lucky for me, the flavor was really good. Tangy of the strawberries but rich from the cheesecake. I was happy to actually find chunks of both the fruit and the cake within the ice cream.

Coffee Fellows/Dulce
Kaiserstr. 14
Frankfurt, Germany
069 21089787

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 6): Cafe Hauptwache

For a few days, Doc Nut and myself were on our own. Mr. Haribo Mule needed to get back to work while we stayed and toured the area ourselves. On this particular day, we headed out to Frankfurt to see the sights. The city is really big and we needed to conquer a lot of ground. We decided to do the walking tour as suggested by the information center. The map was easy to read and it hit many of the major sights. And we would get really good exercise the whole time. Score!

While walking around, we started getting hungry. We stopped to eat at the Cafe Hauptwache because it didn't look very expensive and it was in the middle of the square which is very conducive to people watching -- our favorite activity.

Of course beers were to be had for our leisurely lunch. I had the Binding pilsner (€3) which once again was purely refreshing and delicious. Easy going and pairs well with any food.

Doc Nut is more daring with her drinks and ordered the Schofferhofer grapefruit hefeweizen (€3). This totally surprised me. It was really good! It tasted like carbonated fruit juice with an alcoholic kick without a bitter aftertaste. This is definitely a "girly" beer but I liked it nonetheless. In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we went and bought a six pack later on during the trip.
After we ordered, a nice basket of bread appeared on the table. Doc Nut went to town on this. She just loved her bread!
We both decided to split an entree to share. We didn't want to overstuff ourselves which is what we were doing the whole time on  the trip. Besides, we had a lot of walking still to do and the weather was unseasonably warm. An overstuffed stomach doesn't lead to a happy tourist. Anyway, we had the Frankfurt plate (€17) which came with boiled beef sausage, frankfurt pork sausages, fried slice of pork sausage, potato salad, and mustard. The plate was pretty big and enough to feed the both of us. Each of the sausages had nice snappy skins thought it would have been snappier with a grill top. The meat inside was salty, meaty, and delicious. The potato salad was light and flavored with mustard which added more tang.
I really enjoyed our meal here. The decor and service was nice and we sat around and enjoyed each others' time. They never rushed us and we just sat back until we were ready for more walking.

Cafe Hauptwache
An der Hauptwache 15
60313 Frankfurt, Germany
069 21998627

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 5): Palladi @ Wiesbaden

As usual, we finished off the meal with some ice cream. This time we went to an almost closing Palladi.

Only 2 of us got ice cream (€1 each) this time. On the left is Mozart (hazelnut and chocolate flavored similar to Nutella) and sesame (really strong nut flavor).

All of the ice cream and gelato we've had throughout this whole trip has been super creamy and delicious. The milky flavor was pronounced and very much appreciated. Read more...

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 5): Uhrturm @ Wiesbaden

That night we headed back home to Wiesbaden for dinner. We went to Uhrturm for some more meat! That seems to be the common denominator here in Germany. Red meat everywhere.

Anyway, we sat inside which was mostly empty. Most patrons enjoy sitting outside in the cool of the night and people watching.

I started off the meal with from Furftenberg Pilsner (€2.80) which was light but caramel-ish in flavor. It was very nice and quenched my thirst after a long day of sight seeing.
For my entree, I had the Spiessbraten (€12) which is pork roasted on a spit then topped with onions and bacon. It's served in a rich meat sauce. And this was indeed very rich and decadent. The bacon was crispy and fatty. The onions soaked up a lot of that rich flavor. And the roast pork underneath was very tender and just fell apart. I sopped up the meat sauce with every bite. This was so rich that I almost felt that I was beginning to get gout. You know with all the red meat and beer drinking. Luckily, I counteract all that with ridiculous amounts of water.
Mr. Haribo Mule had the Rumpsteak (€15.50) which is basically a beef steak. It came with some herbed butter and a fresh salad on the side. I didn't try this but I know he enjoyed it. It was well cooked to his preference and delicious. A nice dousing of butter on top didn't hurt either.
And here's the simple fresh salad that accompanied the rumpsteak.
Doc Nut had the Hacksteak (€15.50) which is basically a hamburger patty with gravy. The sauce looked to be au poive which contains black peppercorns. Similar to my dish, this was rich and decadent. The thick sauce added a lot of flavor to the tender ground beef.
All of our dishes came with some fried potatoes which we shared as a large bowl. Thick sliced potatoes fried golden brown. How bad can that be? Not bad at all.

Marktstraße 15
65183 Wiesbaden, Germany
#0611 373030

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 5): Backerei Striffler @ Rothenburg

Also walking around we found a lot of bakeries. One of the pastries specific to this area is schneeballen. They're fried balls of dough strips then topped with one of your favorite toppings like powdered sugar, chocolate, cinnamon sugar, and hazelnut. Of course I had to go and try one (or four) of these out myself.

The advice that Mr. Haribo Mule gave me was that we should try a bakery that didn't just specialize in the schneeballen. Those didn't tend to be good. Weird. I would think that a place that specialized in one food would make it best. Oh well, he knows best. So we walked around and found Bakerei Stiffler. Inside, they sold lots of pastries and bread. Front and center they had schneeballen. They had mini ones for about €0.90-€1.20 each depending on the flavor. These mini ones were about baseball sized.

The regular or large schneeballen were €1.70 each but much bigger in size. These were about the size of a softball or many even a bit larger.
They even have pre-wrapped ones for gifts. I don't think they cost any extra.
We opted for the mini schneeballen and got one of each to try out the flavors. So this is what they look like up close. A few bites into each of them and we were struggling. These are pretty sweet. They tasted like fried strips of sweet pie crust shaped into a ball. The toppings made it even sweeter. I think I liked the chocolate one the best. The hazelnut one was the sweetest and my least favorite.
Doc Nut also went and purchased a Mezzo Mix soda. It's cola and orange flavored soda. I had a taste and immediately disliked it. It started off with a strong orange flavor which quickly dissipated. In the end, it just reminded me of flat soda. However, Doc Nut really enjoyed it. She liked the citrus notes to the cola. To be clear, I do not drink soda much or at all so I wouldn't really be the best person to judge about certain flavors.

Backerei Stiffler
Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Untere Schmiedgasse 1
und Kapellenplatz
Rothenburg, Germany