Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cafe Zaiya

Wow, I haven't been to Cafe Zaiya in such a long time. After all the hoopla with the DOH and what not, I heard that it has changed. How much? One way to find out. Wow, it totally changed. The bowls and bento boxes are no longer store in the middle of the store on racks. Sigh, I missed that. There were just a few on the side. They didn't look the same but I ended up getting a salmon bento.

The roast fish was salty from the marinade but really dry. So dry that some parts were like jerky. However, the rest of meal was nice. The salads (seaweed and spring mix) were light and refreshing. There was another black seaweed salad (top left corner) which was interesting. It didn't really taste like much but was texturally pleasing. The Japanese pumpkin underneath that was sweet and soft. Really nice. The mixed vegetables (bottom right corner) was okay while the tamago (Japanese egg omlette) seemed misplaced. The large container of rice that came with the bento seemed overkill. A small bowl would have sufficed.

Oh what happened to my Cafe Zaiya. It doesn't have it's livelihood anymore. It seemed dull now. Also, the food has gone downhill a lot. I hope this was just a hiccup in their normal days.

Cafe Zaiya
18 East 41st Street
New York, 10017
(212) 779-0600

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