Monday, October 10, 2011


Recently, we went out for a friend's birthday. Unfortunately, her original choices didn't accommodate large parties so we looked around and ended up picking Cookshop. This Chelsea restaurant has lots of outdoor seating while the inside was cozy and warm.

As we looked over the menu and chatted away, we snacked on some crusty bread and farmer's cheese. It was soft and creamy. A little extra salt would have been lovely but it was okay. I enjoyed it anyway.

We all got a variety of different appetizers. This is the yellow and red watermelon salad ($11) which came tossed with mint and feta cheese. My friend said it was really refreshing and delicious. It may seem like an odd combination but the natural sweetness worked well with the salinity of the cheese and the mint brightened every up. This was a nice light summer starter.
They also got a snack of vine bean fritters ($5) to share. These crunchy beans were really good. So addicting! Crispy, salty, and naturally sweet inside.
This is the squid appetizer with pinto beans, seafood broth, and jalapeno aioli. The broth was rich and the greens fresh ($12). I didn't hear what my friend said about it but I know the squid was cooked well.
Another summer dish was the chilled cucumber and yogurt soup ($8). Smooth, creamy, refreshing.
Instead of an appetizer, Mr. M&P had a few of the snacks. This is the beef skewers ($5) which he though was just okay.
He also had the gouger frites ($5). Gougeres are normally small little rounds of cheese bread fluffy and light. Well, these were fried instead of baked and really awesome! Cheese bread fries! So good.
This is the burrata cheese ($15) which came with Japanese eggplant and a drizzle of oil. Who doesn't love burrata cheese? So creamy, so good.
These are the veal meatballs ($13) in a tomato sauce with ricotta cheese and basil. I didn't hear any words about this dish only mmm's, and aaaahhh's.
Myself, I had the heirloom tomato salad ($15) with red onion, basil, and black olives. It was lightly dressed with oil and vinegar. It was really light and a perfect dish for the summer. I only wish that the tomatoes were sweeter. I've definitely have had better.
And on a whim, we shared some radishes with butter ($5). The spiciness of the radishes are balanced out by the sweet butter which gets another kick of flavor with the side of salt. I tried this but have pretty much confirmed that I'm not really into radishes at all. I'm fine with a few slices in my food but eating it straight up is not too pleasing for me. However, it was fresh and very interesting with the butter. It's just not for me.
And now onto the entrees. This is the seared scallops dish ($27) that came with corn pudding, cherry tomatoes, and arugula. The hand shucked scallops for juicy and seared very nicely leaving the middle raw but creating a nice crust on the outside.
Most of us had the American wagyu sirloin flap steak ($29). It was cooked really nicely with a dark char on the outside and red/pink on the inside. The meat was very tender and seasoned very well. The accompanying smashed potatoes with green garlic pesto and tomato salad was fantastic. The potatoes were really crunchy but soft in the middle. The pesto sauce gave it so much flavor.
Another friend had the striped bass ($28) with vine beans and pesto and side of marinated sweet roasted peppers. He enjoyed the fish very much except it had a lot of little bones in it. He slowly worked his way through and enjoyed. Those who are less adventurous should avoid the bone picking.
We were all very stuffed at the end of the meal but how could we celebrate someone's birthday without some kind of dessert, right? Since no one could think of food at the moment, I chose it: Popcorn Sundae ($9). It had sweet corn ice cream, salty mutter mousse, semolina cake, caramel popcorn, and butterscotch sauce. This was a very deconstructed dessert which was surprising considering the whole meal was casual. I liked the flavors but I think it would have been better served in the traditional sundae style.
The food at Cookshop was very good. I especially enjoyed my steak and potatoes. Everyone left very happy. The only gripe I had was the slow service. I'm not sure if it was the waiters or the kitchen or both. But there was a lot of time in between dishes and water wasn't filled quickly. But I'm willing to overlook that because it could have been a bad night. I'd go back again.

156 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10011-4758
(212) 924-4440


  1. Food looks good! Another place that I've been wanting to try... I better get there soon!

  2. I'm not that into radishes either but since I get them in my CSA I keep trying. This year I pickled them and that actually tastes pretty good to me, but not plain. With my kalbi wrap 'tacos' - don't worry, next time the kalbi won't be 3 years old.

    I can't remember if I was eating radishes or turnips dipped in sour cream last year and loving it though... hmm


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