Friday, October 7, 2011

Ed's Pizza Truck

For awhile now, I wanted to try a few of the newer trucks around. I was particularly interested in the pizza trucks. Those pizza ovens always seemed so structurally large and heavy to me that a truck would suffer. But again, I have no knowledge of the food truck business nor any food business for that matter. It's just my brain trying to justify some thoughts.

Anyway when Eddie's pizza truck rolled around the Midtown area recently, I called in to pick up my order later on. They get slammed with orders so calling ahead is the best scenario. I was running a little late with my pickup and they actually called me to let me know that my pie was ready and has been sitting there. I told them I was on my way and they were really nice about it.

When I arrived, I skipped the line and went straight to the head of the truck. There, a woman checked my name off the chart and gave me a receipt after I handed over the money (cash only). After, I went straight up to the truck window and gave the guy my receipt and name. My pizza pie was kept warm until I arrived. Nice!

I had the Eddie's Special Bar Pie ($11.50) which came with sausage, meatballs, pepperoni, and broccoli. The bar pie is a 10" personal sized pizza. It's really the perfect size. At first glance, I was really happy with the amount of toppings. It was plentiful.

A nice close up of the toppings. Each delicious morsel overlapping each other so that I can taste everything in one bite. So did it taste good? Oh man, it was delicious! The toppings tasted fresh and was well balanced. I like a good combination of meat and vegetables on my pizza. And don't forget the cheese. The melted cheese was nature's glue between the toppings and the crust. Put all together it was delicious.
And here's the obligatory upskirt. You may say that there isn't much or any charring on that crust. To be honest, it didn't need it. Why?
Because it was cracker thin. So crispy and crunchy. It was really good and still strong enough to keep the toppings together through the entire meal.
Eddie's Pizza Truck really impressed me. The service was really friendly and efficient. The pizza was really good. It completely satiated me and was so delicious. The quality of work and ingredients definitely shined. I would absolutely go back for more. I'm curious about their heroes.

Oh, I'd like to also mention that they had a lunch special: entree (bar pie, hero, salad), side, and drink for $10. That's a good deal.

Eddie's Pizza Truck
Various Locations
Original Location:
2048 Hillside Avenue
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
(516) 354-9780

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