Sunday, October 16, 2011

Landmark Tavern

A few neighborhood joints have a special place in my heart. Landmark Tavern is one of those places. It's completely unassuming and so much on the west side of Manhattan that it's often overlooked. Lucky for me that it's really close to my home.

Why do I like Landmark Tavern so much? Well, first the service is fantastic. They're really friendly and if you sit at the bar, they'll chat with you. Did I also mention that it tavern boasts real Irish bartenders. Yeah. It's true. But what I like most about this place is their burger.

It looks like any old pub style burger with the large patty, melted cheese, sesame seeded bun. But the different is in the meat. They use ground up sirloin steak meat. That little touch makes a very flavorful burger patty. A nice combination of fat and meat formed into a tight patty covered in cheese and placed on a soft bun with vegetables of your choice.
Unfortunately, this time around they didn't cook it to my liking. The picture below is supposed to be of a half eaten burger cooked to medium-rare. That's definitely medium well to me. Hardly any pink. It was unfortunately because I've had a perfectly cooked burger here before and it was lovely. Must have been an off time.
I've been to Landmark Tavern and liked it every single time. This was definitely an anomaly. It won't prevent me from going back.

Landmark Tavern
626 11th Avenue
New York, NY 10036-2002
(212) 247-2562

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