Friday, October 21, 2011


I don't know why I've been so intimidated by going to Minar. I have refused to go try it myself for the longest time even though I adore Indian food. Why did I torture myself like that? I will never know. Thankfully, BeerBoor and Cheese heard by wimpy cries and joined me for lunch one day.

Since we planned to eat-in, BeerBoor suggested that we show up just slightly earlier to beat the rush. And he sure was correct. Because once 12:30 or so rolled around, the place was packed.

Minar is set up as a hot buffet station. The ladies stand behind the counter and ask you for your order. You could either look at the menu and order from there or just point. You get one main dish with the choice of rice or bread. I was overzealous and went for BOTH rice and bread for extra money. I can't have saucy food without rice. And I can't have Indian food without bread. So I have to get both.

I ordered the lamb korma ($7.50) which came nice and hot. The sauce was really creamy and thick while large pieces of lamb swam around the sauce. The meat was a little chewy and gamey but the sauce helped. It was actually a pretty nice balance. I really enjoy scooping it over the rice and eating it. By the way, they give way too much rice.
The naan...ahem, garlic naan, was very good as well. Not the best but I can appreciate anything with garlic on it. Slightly charred yet still fluffy and soft, the lamb korma went really well with this too. I liked to rip off pieces of the bread and dip it into the korma sopping up all that deliciousness.
Minar was great. They're super fast with their service and really keeps the place running smoothly. The food was very good and I was happy that BeerBoor and Cheese took me there know, get over my fears.

138 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036-8506
(212) 398-4600‎


  1. I had the same meal as you when I went with BB! :)

  2. I have that effect, I guess.

    Really haven't been disappointed in the... ten years(!) or so I've ordered from either Minar. Quick, cheap, tasty. Always happy when a place can do all three.

    Just get there by 12:15 if you plan on eating in.


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