Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 5): Backerei Striffler @ Rothenburg

Also walking around we found a lot of bakeries. One of the pastries specific to this area is schneeballen. They're fried balls of dough strips then topped with one of your favorite toppings like powdered sugar, chocolate, cinnamon sugar, and hazelnut. Of course I had to go and try one (or four) of these out myself.

The advice that Mr. Haribo Mule gave me was that we should try a bakery that didn't just specialize in the schneeballen. Those didn't tend to be good. Weird. I would think that a place that specialized in one food would make it best. Oh well, he knows best. So we walked around and found Bakerei Stiffler. Inside, they sold lots of pastries and bread. Front and center they had schneeballen. They had mini ones for about €0.90-€1.20 each depending on the flavor. These mini ones were about baseball sized.

The regular or large schneeballen were €1.70 each but much bigger in size. These were about the size of a softball or many even a bit larger.
They even have pre-wrapped ones for gifts. I don't think they cost any extra.
We opted for the mini schneeballen and got one of each to try out the flavors. So this is what they look like up close. A few bites into each of them and we were struggling. These are pretty sweet. They tasted like fried strips of sweet pie crust shaped into a ball. The toppings made it even sweeter. I think I liked the chocolate one the best. The hazelnut one was the sweetest and my least favorite.
Doc Nut also went and purchased a Mezzo Mix soda. It's cola and orange flavored soda. I had a taste and immediately disliked it. It started off with a strong orange flavor which quickly dissipated. In the end, it just reminded me of flat soda. However, Doc Nut really enjoyed it. She liked the citrus notes to the cola. To be clear, I do not drink soda much or at all so I wouldn't really be the best person to judge about certain flavors.

Backerei Stiffler
Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Untere Schmiedgasse 1
und Kapellenplatz
Rothenburg, Germany

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  1. I remember seeing Orange-cola mixed soda when I was in Germany (years and years ago)... I loved the stuff!


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