Saturday, October 1, 2011

Park Italian Gourmet

Sometimes I make lunch for myself so much that I actually miss eating sandwiches. Sure I can make a sandwich for myself easily but sometimes there's an allure about getting one stuffed to the gills from an old school deli. For me, that deli in Midtown is Park Italian Gourmet. I'm late to the game with this place. It seems like a hidden treasure that I've only recently discovered. But it's wonderful. The food is delightful and the atmosphere reminds me of the days in Brooklyn where I grew up in a predominantly Italian neighborhood.

I didn't get my own creation this time. I wasn't really craving anything in particular but I knew I wanted a sandwich. As I stood in line to be waited on, most people were ordering the Italian hoagie. I went with that. It seemed popular.

And now I can see why. Look at that meat. There is all kinds of meat stuffed in there. I think that's salami, ham, and mortadella (?). I'm not sure. Some American cheese, hot peppers, lettuce, and tomatoes finish off the deal.

This hefty sandwich not only left me full for the rest of the day but it also left me happy eating something so classic in NYC. This is how an old school deli does it.

Maybe next time I'll venture over to the cooked food station. Anyone ever order from there? What do you like?

Park Italian Gourmet
60 West 45th St # 1
New York, NY 10036-4207
(212) 382-0580


  1. mortadella: as described to me by the gents at Brooklyn Bread - "it's like Italian bologna".

    The american cheese seems a bit off...not really italian there?

  2. I was there Thursday for the same sandwich and although I enjoyed it, mine wasn't stuffed with meat. The hot food is terrific and the daily specials are a can't miss. All you need to know is the constuction workers in the area line up fo the food.

  3. DID you specifically request american cheese? the way to go at Park is fresh MOZZ and if not sliced provolone....never American on an ITALIAN hero! ; )

  4. Anon: I'm don't really remember. But I agree, mozzarella or provolone would have been better suited.


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