Monday, October 3, 2011

Sarge's Deli

Hmm, I completely forgot to take a picture of the outside of the establishment. Oops! But no worries because I didn't forget to take pictures of the food. Anyway, a brief blurb about the place.

Sarge's is a Jewish type deli. I say type because it's not kosher. However, the food that they serve is very similar to the food that you may kind at any Jewish deli including smoked fish, bagels, and cured pastrami or corned beef. As any other Jewish deli in the city, the sandwiches are piled high with your choice of meat, the soups rich, and the pickles plentiful. The place has been around for ages and the waitresses are seasoned pros. They're no nonsense. It's mainly about the food.

With TC in tow, I know I could order a nice variety of food without over-stuffing myself (this wasn't true at the end but whatever) because I had an extra person to eat with. I decided to get the half soup-half sandwich combo ($12.95). My friend, Mr. Peanut Head, told me about their Souper Soup which had delicious chicken consomme (or rich chicken soup), kreplach (dumpling), matzo ball, and noodles. Unfortunately, this wasn't part of the deal. But if I were willing to pay $3 extra, I could get. I obliged because I really wanted to try it. The bowl came out and it was huge. I mean I could fit the whole thing on my head easily. All that rich broth, the huge bready kreplach, the huge matzo ball, and the soft dainty noodles was a lot of me. I finished it but I was really full. It was very good though. I could easily and gladly get this again. Next time, just on its own though.

As I ate my soup, some cole slaw was placed on the table. It was meh. After being in North Carolina over the years, I can't eat any other style.

And what's a Jewish deli without some pickles. I'm more fond of the new pickles. They're less sour and retain a nice crunch. These were quite nice. Plenty juicy and well pickled.
To share, TC and I had the fried kreplach with fried onions ($7). These dumplings were huge! They do not play around here.
The bready dough holds together a mashed beef and onion filling that's heavily seasoned. The taste is pretty good but the texture is a little too soft. In my soup, it was fine. But fried, hmmm... But I could overlook that because paired with the fried onions, this tasted really good. If you can get over the texture, definitely order this.

A random side of fries ($5) was ordered which turned out to be very meh. They definitely seemed like the frozen kind and they came soft. I dislike soft fries a lot.
I think TC had the corned beef sandwich. Piled high and thin slices of meat. I think he enjoyed it but he had better. It was just okay in his mind.
For my sandwich, I had the pastrami. I like the taste of the meat combined with the heavy dose of black pepper. I think the seasoning adds a lot of flavor to the meat. I could only finish half my sandwich before I called it quits. The soup really did me in. But the pastrami was quite nice. It was thinly sliced and piled high on my rye bread. It's not the best pastrami I've had but it's doable.
Sarge's Deli was good. Though the corned beef and pastrami is better elsewhere, I would definitely go back for the Souper Soup and the fried kreplach.

Sarge's Deli
548 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10016-3597
(212) 679-0442


  1. rookie mistake not ordering the fries well done.

    my favorite "Jewish" deli in the city.

  2. TT, no rookie mistake. I ordered the fries well-done that day since I read your Sarge's post before. The waitress heard me too but it possible it was not fully regarded by the kitchen. Oh well. It happens.

    I like the corned beef sandwich alright. Almost wish I had corned beef hash, eggs and home fries instead though.

    The kreplach/ jumbo jew fried wonton was a winner.

    Thanks again Hungry for planning lunch at Sarge's.


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