Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 11): Bretzel Cafe @ Cochem

The next morning, we sent Doc Nut off on her flight and Mr. Haribo and I were left. Since it was a nice day, we decided to go to Cochem to climb a hill and tour a castle. Why not have fun while I still in Germany?

When we arrived and parked, we walked around the main town first. It was really cute! They were having a nice festival outdoors with music, food, and wine. When we started walking towards the beginning of the trail, we came across this really cute stand. The train shaped foodstall was selling fresh pretzels.

I wasn't very hungry but couldn't resist. On the left is Mr. Haribo Mule's cheese pretzel (€2.30) while I had the ham and cheese (€2.80). It was delicious! The ham added a really nice saltiness to the creamy cheesiness. The pretzel bread helped bind everything together nicely.

Bretzel Cafe
Cochem, Germany

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