Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 9): Haribo Store @ Bonn

One of the main things that Doc Nut wanted to do on this trip was to go to the Haribo Candy factory. Well, how could we say no? Gummies galore! Even though it was a rainy day, we knew this road trip to Bonn was necessary. We drove on the autobahn and even rode on a ship to cross a river to get to the chewy candy gates of Haribo.

When we arrived, we saw the store immediately. We walked in and it smelled of sugar. It was overwhelming in a good way. So many different gummy candies. You can buy it in bulk, loose, or any which way you liked. A gummy heaven that was Doc Nut's dream. She was floating high all day.

Unfortunately for us though, there really wasn't a factory tour. The tour that they had described was a corner of the store for kids. At the end of the corner was this robotic bear that spoke in German.
Oh well, back to the store for goods then. We bought so much bulk candy that the airline weight limit for luggage became an issue. Oops! But it was all worth it. So many different flavors and shapes. And one more thing, the gummies here taste different. They're soft and taste more like real fruit. So good!

The Haribo Store
Hans-Riegel-Stra├če 1
53129 Bonn, Germany
0228 537-0


  1. where the pic of the massive gummy haul?

  2. I love Haribo gummies! That must've been awesome!

  3. @TT: My gummy haul wasn't as impressive as Doc Nut's. She filled an entire shopping cart by herself.

    @CT: The gummies here taste better too!

  4. Suddenly "Haribo Mule" all makes sense now...

  5. Gummies that are soft and taste like real fruit...AWESOME!!

    Too bad no Willy Wonka-like experience but sounds like a blast esp with a friend who fills up an entire cart.


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