Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Trip to Frankfurt, Germany (Day 9): Brauhaus Castel @ Wiesbaden

After a long day of driving, we were all pooped. We didn't want to spend too much time thinking about food. Instead, we opted to go back to Brauhaus Castel which was nearby. Unfortunately for us, the rain starting pouring again and it coming down in great downpours. That meant a lot of patrons at the restaurant and a full parking lot. When we finally got to sit down, it was shared a couple other women. They were just sitting and enjoying their beers. They were really nice.

A beer was necessary at this point. This is the castel hell which is the light beer. Really smooth and easy to drink. A perfect way to relax and unwind the day.

So we sat and enjoyed the beer and waited for our food. And we waited and waited. It was almost 45 minutes later that our food arrived. We were about to leave but it finally came. And luckily, it was hot from the kitchen. The waitresses work on an electronic system here. They take the order and punch it in the remote that they carry with them. It send them a signal when our food is ready.

Doc Nut had the schnitzel (€12) again. However, this time she had it with the mushrooms and cream sauce. It was as good as the first time. Crispy pork cutlet, creamy rich sauce, and plump mushrooms. They sure know how to fry!

Mr. Haribo Mule and I both had the flammkuchen. However, they're actually called tarte flambee. Interesting. Anyway, he went for the Venecian style which included onions, bacon, and sour cream (€8.50). Salty, cured bacon with the tartness of sour cream and punch of onions made this flatbread delicious!
I opted for the original (€8.50) which had sour cream, salami, onions, and cheese. My version reminded me more of pizza without the tomato sauce of course. The salami was spicy and added a nice punch to the dish. The cheese and sour cream added a good rich creaminess. The onions, however, were pretty nonexistent. I wish would have piled in on like the Venetian style pie. The contrast in texture and flavor would have complemented it very well. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed it.
And here's the obligatory upskirt. Nice charred bottom.
And this is how thin the crust was. I mean super thin like a cracker. It was really good!
Despite the long wait for a table and our food, I really like this place. The food is always good and the service friendly. Even the owner/manager came up and talked to us. He was really nice and took a liking to us. For the future, if you want to skip the wait, go for lunch.

Brauhaus Castel
Otto-Suhr-Ring 27
55252 Wiesbaden, Germany
#06134 24999

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  1. those flatbreads look great! full of tasty carcinogens. mmmm!


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