Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Dinner 2012

In recent years, I have spent my Christmas nights in NJ for a party. It's usually about 40-50 people all friends from another time. The menu is always Indian and the desserts sweet.

We start off the night with some drinks and light appetizers. Here are some mini samosas stuffed with beef. The wrapper was crisp and thin while the meat inside was tender and spiced.

I'm not sure what this little pattie was but it wasn't impressive.

The same goes for this pattie. I couldn't taste the different between the two.
The chicken lollipops were better. Tender, juicy, and flavorful.
Some green chutney and a brown sauce was available for more flavor.
For dinner, we had a buffet of both vegetarian and meat dishes. I took a sampling of each one. There was okra, hakka noodles, fried shrimp, biryani, white rice, fried korma paneer, naan, and more chicken.
And for dessert, there were trays and trays of sweets. Somehow it turned out to be a competition. One that I didn't know about until I finished making the cake. Hmm...

There were lots of cookies to enjoy.
And bakhlava with the tradition pistachios and honey in flaky phyllo dough.
An apple streudel was a welcomed fruit based dessert.
And a prune pie that place second in the contest. Shenanigans!
Some more cookies. These are nut based.
Ms. Pastry Chef outdone herself with this cheesecake. Dense and decadent, this cheesecake is truly a NY cheesecake.
She also made a praline cake which was almonds bonanza! But she kept it light and fluffy. I think this should have won the competition, hands down.
However, the winner instead were oreo truffles! Shenanigans! Don't get me wrong, I like oreo truffles as well. But when you just smash up a premade dessert to make another dessert, does that even count? Shenanigans!
A carrot cake for those looking for something "healthier".
A random cake from Wegman's supermarket. Not in the competition.
A tray of cookies, some gingerbread, some sugar.
And my entry which was a triple chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese filling, milk chocolate cake, and dark chocolate ganache. Those balls on top are chocolate covered cereal puffs.
A bowl of tiramisu for those who like boozing it up with some coffee.
And even more cookies!
There was also some egg nog but it was finished before the dessert competition started. Oops! We love our liquor.

Happy Holidays!


  1. all you needed were some pooping fetus cookies.

  2. Hahaha, nice. Can you explain what fried korma is though? I always thought of korma as a creamy/almond based curry of sorts.

  3. Awesome Xmas meal.
    Ooh, hakka noodles = indian chinese noodle dish/ chow mein. Nice.

    I like oreos truffles but cannot imagine they would beat all those cakes entered. Maybe if they were rum balls instead.

  4. @FF: I'm not sure why I wrote korma when I was absolutely thinking paneer. It was fried paneer.


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