Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cookie Swap 2011

The Feisty Foodie, KC, and I started a new tradition last year: a cookie swap. Mainly it was an excuse for the girls to get together for the holidays. So why not add some sweets to our annual dinner together? Last year I only baked one type of cookie. However, this year, I wanted to challenge myself make several. Not only that but I wanted to try all new recipes. So when my food magazines started coming in the mail and websites started featuring holiday recipes, I scoured them to find what peaked my interest. I ended up picking homemade nutter butters, lemon sandwich cookies, and chocolate chubbies (recipes to come at a later post).

In return, the girls went even more all out! Look at that pretty festive wrapping. But wait, there's more.

Look at the cookies! These are from KC. From left to right, Mexican Wedding cookies, a chocolate dipped heart shaped butter cookie, chocolate dipped pretzels, and 2 types of jam thumb print cookies. I really enjoyed the variety that was in the box. Some soft, some sweet, some salty, some chocolatey, and some fruity.
The Feisty Foodie's cookies were very different from KC's. I love how we don't overlap flavors. She gave us 2 types of chocolate chips cookies (one made with all purpose flour and the other with self rising), salted caramel chocolate sandwich cookies, cheese crisps, and earl grey cookies. I also enjoyed the wide variety of flavors that she offered. Some were salty, some very sweet, some both sweet and salty, and some completely new to me like the earl grey tea cookies.


  1. Damn, you got the box with the ugly Earl Grey cookies and cheese crisps, hahaha. I really need to work on cutting frozen dough better/neater. Any suggestions?

    (BTW, I can totally tell the difference between the chocolate chip cookies... even drunk! Hahahahaha!)

  2. @FF: Heat sharp knife under hot water and slice in one stroke. Repeat and wipe knife clean once in awhile.

  3. What a haul of holiday sweets by the Ladies. Wow wow wee wow.

    I want a chocolate chubbie.


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