Thursday, December 22, 2011


I've always been really curious about Sonic. I see their commercial pretty often but you can't find them in NYC anywhere. So during one of my days of errands in NJ, we passed by a Sonic. It was about lunch time so we were getting hungry. So we made the decision to turn onto the jug handle to head back to the fast food joint.

Sonic is mainly a drive in/car hop place. You either park at one of the kiosks, order from the plastic menu, and a waiter on skates will roll to your car with the order.

However, we hate eating in the car. There's no room, food is usually messy, and we didn't want it to smell like fast food. So we opted to sit outside on this cool day on one of the few picnic tables outside. The weird thing is that you still have to order from the intercom instead of facing a person. I guess they really wanted the least amount of human interaction.
After we ordered, a waiter came out and gave us our food. We both ordered a combo meal. I went with the Super Sonic Double Cheeseburger medium combo (~$10) which came a drink and a side. The burger itself was just okay. It really did remind me of national chain fast food. Not impressive whatsoever. However, I did find the burger to be superior to the likes of McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's.
Mr. M&P had the Super Sonic Double Bacon Cheeseburger medium combo (~$10). He thought the same about his burger. Very mediocre to sad. It's just the mass processed beef patties. It lacks flavor with all the precautions they take to make sure it's not tainted. It just sucks of flavor.
The sides we picked we fries and tater tots. The fries were really bad. I mean I stopped eating them bad. They weren't fried for long enough. They weren't raw but definitely not crispy browned. The tater tots were better but not by much. Both just suffered from the lack of salt. What happened to this sodium epidemic we were having in America? I call lies!
My curiosity with Sonic began and left this day. I finally know what it's all about and honestly, it wasn't impressive. Oh well, just another fast food joint to pass by again.

238 Lafayette Avenue
Edison, NJ 08837


  1. You have to go there for the frozen slushies - I loove them! ;)

  2. The super sonic doublecheeseburger is just okay. Nothing special and not going to replace the convenience of a Big Mac or Whooper for me. Not impressed by their regular tots (first time I had, they were actually salt bombs so it depends on the handler. Overly salted is bad too though. Can't even taste potato.)

    So far I only like getting their chili hot dogs and their milkshake.


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