Saturday, January 14, 2012

BV's Burger

When a new burger place opens up, I get excited. I love burgers. Mostly cheeseburgers. They're oh so satisfying and delicious. They make me happy every single time. And when I get to try an exceptional one, my mood instantly changes to ecstatic. When I read about BV's (Bobby Van's) Burger on Midtown Lunch, I wanted to try it for myself. The review was glowing so I was hopeful.

When I arrived, there were a few people standing around waiting for their order. I must have just beaten the rush. I ordered up front with the cashier who was very friendly and was excited to know that I wanted my burger medium rare. I paid and stepped aside to wait for my order. The people who ordered first promptly received their food. When I was next, I was growing excited to try out this new beef patty with cheese. However, as I waited, other people arrived and ordered. Then they began to receive their order before me. No  biggie, that happens sometimes. So I waited some more and it kept happening. More than 10 people later and 30 minutes past, and I spoke up to the person bagging everything. He immediately apologized and spoke to the line cook to expedite my order which by the way was the Burger Platter ($12). I wanted both onion rings and fries that day. I waited some more and 10 more minutes pass. I speak up again saying I've been waiting for 40 minutes. The guy apologizes again and rushes the line cook again to make my order the first priority. As I waited, I was offered some chili which I declined. This was a large order for one person. I wasn't going to fill up on some more food just to throw most of it all out later on.

Finally, I see my ordered being prepared and boxed up. From beginning to end, it was 45 minutes. That's too long for me. But I still wanted to try the burger. Otherwise, I would have asked for my money back. When I got to my desk and opened up the bag, I was happy to see a plethora of goodies waiting for me. A cheeseburger on once side, fries and onion rings on the other.

I bit into the burger and was extremely disappointed. My burger wasn't medium rare at all. In fact, it was well done. It was so dry and basically flavorless by this time. No amount of ketchup was going to save it. I guess in the cook's haste to get my order out, he gave me an overcooked burger that was ready instead of firing up one fresh.
On the flip side, the fries and onion rings were much better. Fried well and still crispy when I got to my desk. The onion rings were nice and lightly battered and the fries were well seasoned.

Overall, I really didn't enjoy my experience with BV's Burger at all. Although they were apologetic, the service wasn't up to par. They should have pushed my order through the first time I complained. Certainly it was honest mistake which I can accept. Having a terrible overdone burger, though, is a crime. A crime to my mouth and stomach. Both were very unhappy and dissatisfied. However, with all that said, I would go back to see if it truly was a bad day. I really, REALLY hope so. I want a juicy burger, damn it!

BV's Burger
120 W 45th St
New York 10036
(212) 575-5623


  1. That stinks. I rather eat a Big Mac with minimal wait. At least their fried goods were acceptable. Hope they don't dissappoint you in round 2.

  2. Hungry, I had similar difficulties when I went there just for chili. There was even a gaggle of people, but their ordering/queuing system just seems completely broken.


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