Sunday, January 29, 2012

Parsi Food

Whenever there are people over at my Parsi families house, the food is extra special. What can I say, Mrs. Executive Chef likes to entertain and so do I. It's something we have in common. To start, there's always an abundance of cheese. Right up my alley!! There's port salut, monterey jack, and little nubbins of some leftover ones. There's also a small spread of spinach artichoke dip.

For dinner, we had some chicken in dunsak over biryani, beef kevabs, and salad. I helped myself to some mango preserves. It goes really well with the chicken and rice.

And for dessert, a homemade funfetti cake a la mode. And Mr. HP Sauce made a chocolate cake to share too.


  1. As always, looks delicious! What does the chicken dunsak taste like? It kinda looks like butter chicken.

  2. @CT: Dunsak tastes like pureed lentils with lots of spices in it. It's creamy without any dairy really.

  3. Homemade FUNfetti. Sweet!!
    And def. delicious looking Parsi foodz as usual.


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