Thursday, January 12, 2012

Uncle Gussy's

One day I was left without lunch and I didn't know what to eat. My usual spots bored me and I was looking for something new. The Uncle Gussy's truck intrigued me but it was a long walk away. But seeing that it was a nice day, I decided to take the 10 block walk (mostly crosstown) to find food truck doling out Greek delicacies. When I got there, a line had already formed. I didn't mind though. It gave me time to look over the menu and decide what I wanted. Everything looked good and was tempted by the souvlaki. But their special of the day was the winner. It was pastitsio.

Pastitsio is often described as Greek lasagna. Certainly it is layers of pasta with a bechamel and meat sauce. But the spices are different including nutmeg, I believe. Uncle Gussy's pastitsio came with some Greek salad and all for $10. My food was quickly assembled and I walked the 10 blocks back to my office.

The food remained pretty much in tack. The pastitsio was everything that I remembered it to be. Layers of tube pasta with rich cream sauce and ground meat sprinkled about. The spices have nice flavors and contrasted the sweet sauce. I enjoyed this and the serving was very large. I certainly could not finish it. As for the side salad, I didn't enjoy it. It was overdressed. The fresh vegetables had softened too much and not longer held their natural crunch.

Overall, I enjoyed my lunch from Uncle Gussy's. The pastitio was tasty and very large. It was enough for two servings. The side salad can be improved but that's really easy to fix. I'm willing to go back and try their other food, especially their other specials.

Uncle Gussy's
Corner of 51st St & Park Ave
New York, NY


  1. I've walked past this truck before near my office and that pastitsio looks so good! Ill have to give it a try :)

  2. Man, I could go for a slab of that and a gyro with tzatiki. /heart attack :P


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