Friday, February 17, 2012

Fancy Parsi Party Food

About once a year, Mrs. Executive Chef throws a fancy party. And this always mean fancy food. Oooh la la! She really goes all out with the menu so I'm always obliging when she asks me to help out that night. I help put food together, prep, and plate. I also help with the dishes afterward. It work during a party, sure. But it's all worth it.

We start with the appetizers. From left to right going clockwise: tarapooripatio (dried fish mixed in spices), cashews, munster cheese, and avocado relish (similar to chunky guacamole).

Also for appetizers, we had fried shrimp kevabs with green chutney. These were really good. You could taste and see large chunks of shrimp in each seafood meatball.

These are pora wrapped in tortilla. Pora is like a Parsi omelette with a flat pancake like egg with herbs and spices. I helped wrap each on in butter tortilla. These are really, really good.

And these are spinach kevabs. Little nuggets of creamy spinach. Really addicting too and you won't even notice you're eating a vegetable.
And then the main courses came out. This is lamb pulav which is a spiced rice dish with lamb. She puts eggs, fried onions, and cilantro on top.
With the rice, some people enjoy some dahi which is a yogurt based sauce but very thin. It brings a certain richness to everything.
And the oh so famous pattis. These balls of mashed potatoes stuffed with seasoned ground beef. They're always a crowd pleaser. Some guys even only ate this that night. Hahaha!
And my favorite dish of the night is shrimp masala. This was sooo good. I helped placing the grape tomatoes around the dish. Hahaha! Anyway, this was so good. The sauce was really rich and creamy and well spiced. It was really complicated in flavor. The shrimp were perfectly cooked and maintained their texture without becoming rubbery. A bowl of this over rice is all I ever need.
And it wouldn't be complete without Mrs. Executive Chef's signature salad. This one has pomegranate seeds since they were in season at the moment.
An accompaniment was rotli or naan. Whichever you prefer.
And tomato chutney for those who want a little extra oomph with their food.
Here is my plate. It's loaded with goodness. Oh man, soooo good. I'm literally drooling right now as I type up this post. And I'm not even hungry. I just had a huge lunch. But knowing how freaking good this meal was made me really, REALLY happy.
And for dessert, Ms. Pastry Chef brought out the big guns and made her special layered chocolate cake.
Look at all those layers. Oh man!! This is definitely for chocolate lovers.
She served it alongside fresh whipped cream and homemade dulce de leche ice cream. Please excuse the messiness of this plate. I was playing around with it. Her plates were much prettier. I just forgot to take a picture of it while I was having.
I don't know if there's any more to say than this meal rocked!


  1. wow. everything looks absolutely amazing from start to finish!

    i like the last plate. CT made a toad in a hole for dinner last week and put cheese slices on top in the shape of "Hi". must be a girl thing. hahahaha

  2. Drooooooooooooll! Looks awesome! Lamb Pulav (Pulao if TT reads this) is one of my favorites too! We gotta get our parents to friend each other so I can be invited to these parties!

    Oh also, I write "Hi!" on my foods too! (in ketchup, hot sauce, out of beans...). TT thinks I'm ridiculous, but clearly i'm not the only one! Maybe if I wrote it that prettily...

    1. Parsi Bengali food swap in April. Mark your calendars!

  3. Oh my god I want to eat all of this.

  4. What a feast! Parsi food is phenomenal!

    I want to plow through the chocolate cake. :P


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