Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Le Relais de Venise

One night, Mr. M&P and I decided to go out to dinner to treat ourselves. We didn't want something fancy but we did want to try something new. I suggested Le Relais de Venise. I've read a lot about it but haven't tried it yet. He heard steak and was in.

We arrived to a busy room and people waiting in front. The hostess was no where to be seen. Everyone waited for a good while before she finally came around to greet us. We're sat at a two top table and the server comes over. She explained that the meal was only salad then steak frites. It's a prix fixe price of $26. We agree to this menu and the salad comes to our table rather quickly. One look and I knew why. It was pre-made. The greens were wilted from the tangy mustard vinaigrette. I ate it anyway but I couldn't get past my non-crunchy lettuce. The walnuts on top did nothing for me either.
However, I didn't come to Le Relais de Venise for the salad. Nope, I was there for the steak frites. The steak and fries come in large platters. Then the waitress serves it onto your plates individually. There was enough food for more than one plate per person. So the rest was kept warm by candle light nearby. First, don't be fooled by this picture. The serving of steak was very small. It was pre-sliced and covered in sauce. I took one bite and thought "eh". The steak was a little overcooked to my desire but the middle of stack was just perfect. I didn't think the steak was impressive at all. It wasn't exceptionally juicy nor flavorful. I could have done with less of the sauce on top. The fries, however, were well cooked. Crispy, soft inside, and well salted. That's all I ask for a good fry.
Overall, I really was not impressed by Le Relais de Venise at all. The service was lackluster with the hostess missing (it happened again during dinner with other patrons), and the waitress didn't check up on us enough. Water glasses were left empty for awhile. And the food wasn't inspiring. I actually left hungry. Sure, I didn't finish my fries but there's only so much fried potato I can eat. I really could have used some more steak. I don't think I'll be coming back.

Oh, I do want to mention that they offer a vegetarian option as well. Instead of steak as your meal, you can have a larger plate of salad or a plate of various cheeses. Same price.

Le Relais de Venise
590 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10154
(212) 758-3989


  1. That's so disappointing. While I don't think it's revolutionary, I really enjoyed my meal here (and think that sauce is more addicting that crack!) I've been a couple time and have seen very good and very spotty service, so your service doesn't surprise me, but always good food. And I've left stuffed, but only because I couldn't stop dipping the crispy fries in the sauce. :(

  2. The sauce is definitely what makes the steak. I wasn't too impressed with the beef til I tried a bite of the black and blue. No reason to go beyond rare either. The meat portioning definitely felt lacking.

  3. I went there last week and had an awesome dinner! The concept is definitely interesting and the food was good. I am still wondering how the sauce is made!


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