Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nan Xiang

I've been on a soup dumpling kick recently. Besides trying to perfect my own recipe, I've also been going out and eating them for, you know, research. So when the Feisty Foodie asked if I'd like to try out Nan Xiang in Flushing, I obliged. With a few more friends in tow like TC, Cheese, and Noah from Law and Food we headed out on a brisk night for some delicious food. We arrived on this weeknight to a sparsely filled room. Enough to make business but not enough for a table wait.

I had soup dumpling on my mind but wanted some appetizers to start as well. With my partner in crime (or garbage can) in tow, we shared the spicy beef tripe ($5). This cold dish was excellent. The tripe was tender but still had a slight chew. The spice was definitely noticeable but not offensive at all. I would absolutely order this again.
We also wanted jellyfish but they didn't have any that day. So instead, we had the pig ear (~$5). This was only okay. I've had much better pig ears before which were prepared the same way. This version wasn't tender enough. With the cartilage, the texture was too hard. Too much chewing was needed.
The Feisty Foodie also ordered an appetizer to share: rice cake with pork and shitake mushrooms ($9). I think she only thought this was okay. She mentioned that she's had better in other restaurants. I didn't try a piece.
Instead of soup dumplings, Cheese opted for some noodle soup. Beef and chili pepper noodle soup ($6) to be exact. I don't think it was spicy enough for him since he added more hot sauce to it. However, the serving size was very generous. The contents in the large bowl were devoured happily.
The rest of us had soup dumplings. I'm partial to the pork only kinds ($5.50) but others do enjoy the ones with crab roe. Personally, I don't think the crab roe does anything to the flavor of the dumpling. And that just doesn't warrant the increase in price. Anyway, the soup dumplings at Nan Xiang were  very good. The skins were very thin which I enjoyed (not so much when one popped) and the filling was porky and the soup fragrant and hot. Overall, I would definitely come back here for dumplings. I liked them enough to order a second batch for myself. And TC too.
Nan Xiang offers some good food at low prices. The soup dumplings were superb and definitely a must when you're there. Do they replace my favorite place in Chinatown? No. But it's a close second.

Nan Xiang
3812 Prince St
New York, NY 11354
(718) 321-3838

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  1. 2 steamers of soup dumplings FTW!

    The spicy brisket & tripe is a really good start to our meal.

    Garbage can? HAHA. Well, at least I'm not green grouch or slouch when it comes to polishing off foodz.


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