Saturday, February 4, 2012


A few weeks ago, some friends and I met up for lunch. I wanted ramen on this cold day so we headed over to Menchanko Tei. However, the line was out the door. I walked inside to talk to someone about the wait and they said at least 40 minutes. Yikes! And they didn't have a waitlist going so you have to just stick around to make sure the woman remembered you. What a bad system. And they don't take reservations for lunch. It's a whole clusterfuck, I tell you. Anyway, we were soon running out of time so we stepped over next door to Riki instead.

We walked in and they immediate had space for the 4 of us. The place seemed drab and needed a facelift. But some of my favorite places have the same look. I was open minded and wanted to eat! Lucky for me, they still also had ramen on the menu so I ordered that. Two other friends ordered the same and one had the sushi. Each entree came with soup or salad. I had the salad and it was sad. Some poorly thrown together vegetables with a glop of dressing on top. It tasted as it looked.

And then my ramen came and it was piping hot. That's a good sign. Unfortunately, that was the only good thing about it. The broth wasn't very flavorful except for being salty. The noodles were meh and the pork chasu wasn't of good quality. Everything just missed the point. Sigh, my ramen craving went unsatisfied.
To make matters worse, service was really poor. I had to flag a few people down to get several things including the check. With the food and service being subpar, I won't be going back.

141 E 45th St # 1
New York, NY 10017-3133
(212) 986-5604

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  1. Menchanko Tei is always swamped during workday lunch hours and with a line of people just waiting. Even after 1pm. I'd say their off-peak begins 2pm.

    I haven't been to Riki but seen their lunch specials displayed outside plenty of times. I was curious but not anymore...


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