Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take Out: Dolce & Clemente's

A new gourmet Italian grocer opened up near my Parsi family's home. It's called Dolce and Clemente's. It's really large. It offers both imported goods and prepared food for purchase. There was several sections to browse through like dried pasta, olive oil, vinegars, sweets, frozen foods, etc. Once inside, we were in awe of the variety and had to purchase from food to try out. We got a little of several prepared foods to try. As we reheated our bounty, we snacked on some thinly sliced prosciutto di parma. This is my test for a place. I love prosciutto and a good import always impresses me. So what did I think? It was fantastic. Buttery, soft, salty. The fat just melted in my mouth while the meat was tender and delicious. Definitely a must try.

Below is the penne vodka which was okay. I felt that the sauce was too thick which can happen when it's made ahead of time. The sauce just evaporates and thickens. It needs to be properly reheated on the stove. The microwave does it no justice. But the flavor was very pleasant.

I always like to get broccoli rabe sauteed with oil and garlic. I just really enjoy it when a place does it well and it's hardly bitter at all. This was such a place. Tender greens with the pungency of the garlic. Not greasy at all but slightly slick from the oil. The flavor was fresh and bright and hardly any bitterness to it.
This was really good. Creamy and smooth inside while crunchy outside. The meat was mixed through the risotto while come places just stuff the middle. I really liked this and would definitely get it again.
Here's another pizza. This time it had pepperoni, ham, and sausage. Again, just okay for me. The crust was throwing me off. They were generous with the meat though which is always a plus. I have skimpy pizza toppings.
And if that wasn't enough, we also bought a ham and cheese calzone. This was overly stuffed in my opinion. Each of the pieces were difficult to eat because the cheese kept oozing out. They really overloaded it with cheese. Some may love this like Mr. M&P which others like me prefer something more balanced.
When we saw this through the counter, we were curious to what it was. I've never seen this before but looked good. Was it a quiche? Was it a souffle?
Nope, it was a pizza rustica which is similar to both a quiche and souffle. The egg based food is strewn with meat and cheese then baked until golden. So good. This is definitely a savory food with the ham, cheese, and eggs. This is a perfect picnic snack.
Overall, Dolce and Clemente's impressed me. I would definitely go back to try some more goods and eat some more prosciutto!

Dolce and Clemente's
2 North Commerce Square
Robbinsville, NJ 08691
(609) 259-0072

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