Friday, March 23, 2012


My birthday posts keep rolling in. What can I say? I have a lot of friends. Haha! Joking aside, I love all my friends and thank each and every one of them for making me feel so very special. On this night, I picked Danji, a Korean restaurant with tapas-like sized dishes focusing on traditional and modern techniques. I've heard very good things about this place and have been wanting to go for a very long time.

My very good friend, Mr. Matzo Ball has been here before so I asked him to order for the table to share. He did a wonderful job picking a wide array of dishes. We started off the night with Satur Farms Meslun Salad ($10) with a perilla yogurt vinaigrette. The salad was well dressed and fresh. It was a nice light touch to start off the night.
Next the Tofu with Ginger Scallion Dressing ($8). This was excellent. The tofu was fried perfectly resulting in a crispy outside holding in a creamy inside. The crunchy panko flakes added another layer of crunch and the ginger scallion dressing was light but noticeable. All together, it was a great dish.
The Scallion and Korean Pepper Pancake ($10) was tasty. Crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. It wasn't greasy at all either. The Korean peppers were lightly spicy but nothing remotely unbearable.
The Spicy Yellowtail Sashimi ($15) was delicious. Fresh, light, and perfectly balanced. This was a crowd favorite.
These Honey Garlic Wings ($10) with Sesame Seeds were very good as well.  Sticky, sweet, pungent. Yeah finger licking good. The fried skin remained crunchy even with the sticky sauce. It was cooked to order and devoured quickly.
The Spicy K.F.C Wings ($10) were similar to the honey wings except for the heat. They were even better. I liked how the heat married with the sweetness of the honey. Again, well fried and straight from the kitchen. There was a lot of finger licking involved.
The Trio of Kimchi ($6) was a welcomed dish from all the meat that we were eating. Some were spicier than others but overall refreshing.
One of the most anticipated dishes was the sliders. Danji offers both Bulgogi Beef Sliders ($12) and Spicy Pork Belly Sliders ($12). Both were delicious but the latter sung out to us. The pork belly was fatty but not gummy and absorbed so much flavor. We drooled over it and ordered some more. We couldn't get enough of the rich pork with various greens and soft buns.
To switch things up again, we tried the Poached Sablefish ($18) with spicy daikon. Sablefish is a hearty, white fish. It's one of my favorites. And this dish did it over the top. So rich in flavor, so rich in texture, and cooked perfectly that it seemed light. Also, the daikon was so soft that it almost melted in our mouths. If you enjoy fish, this is a dish to get.
The Kimchi Bacon Chorizo Paella ($14) was not to be messed it. It came out steaming hot but completely crunchy. I loved that. So much flavor was going on here. The pungent kimchi, the smoky bacon, and the spicy chorizo. All delicious flavor bombs in my mouth.
But that wasn't enough pork for us. In fact, after eating the majority of the dishes we had already ordered, we went back for more. This is the Bossam ($20) which is the braised pork with dehydrated daikon with kimchi cabbage wrap. This was excellent. The pork was tender but the skin crispy. You're supposed to eat it wrapped in the cabbage but we just ate the pork like little nuggets of joy.
And lastly, the Steak Tartare ($16) with quail yolk, toasted pine nuts, and Asian pear. This was probably the least impressive dish of the night but it was delicious. The steak was soft and tender without being mushy. The Asian pear was bright and refreshing with the egg yolk creamy and rich.
Danji really made me very happy. The food was absolutely delicious. The drinks were equally impressive. I loved everything about this place and really hope to go back soon.

I'd like to note that there was a mix up for our reservation and the manager apologized when we arrived. Though there was a mistake, they fixed it and all was forgiven. The service the rest of the night was very good.

346 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 586-2880


  1. wow, that looks really really good.

    Korean tapas FTW!

    CT- put it on The List.

  2. Nice variety of Korean eats.

    Hello, pork nuggets. Welcome to the mouth. *DANGER ZONE*

  3. nice idea..thanks for sharing....


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