Monday, March 5, 2012

Spot Dessert Bar

After Whitmans one night, TC and I went to get dessert. We invited the Feisty Foodie and her guest to come along too. We walked along St. Marks Place and easily spotted the bright orange sign hanging out in front. We walked in and there was a huge line. I guess everyone else was thinking the same thing: we all needed to redeem our coupons before they expired. We waited and waited but things seemed to move quickly. Most people ate their dessert and left shortly after. No one really lingered. All of our patience was rewarded with a large table in the back. Enough to seat 6 people but we spread out on it ourselves. Ah, nice and comfy.

We all looked over the menu and decided to take on the tapas deal offered. Normally the tapas are $7-$10 each. However, we can get 3 for $21 or 4 for $28. That's a good deal.

So we all chose different dessert to try. FF had the Green Tearamisu. It's described to have matcha green tea essence, green tea madeleine sponge, and shaved white chocolate-green tea. FF didn't think it tasted like it had enough green tea though. I tasted a bit and thought the same. It looked so promising. That wonderful green color! But overall, it was very mild.
TC had the Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake with green tea-white chocolate ganach and green tea ice cream. He loves chocolate so this was the perfect dessert for him at Spot.
We made him cut into it so we could take our wonderful pictures of the green lava oozing out. The cake was very chocolaty and I hardly detected any green tea. I think the chocolate overpowered it. TC didn't mind though. Chocolate monster!
FF's guest had the White Miso Semifreddo with raspberries, EVOO, almond tuile and raspberry sorbet. I didn't taste this so I'm not sure how it was. But I think they enjoyed it. Nothing was left on the plate at the end.
I had the Thai Tea Creme Brulee with flourless jasmine rice wafer and hot thai tea. I like to describe this dessert was Thai tea two ways: hot and cold. There was a shot of hot tea on the left. I added milk and syrup to it then took it as a shot. It was wonderful. Strong, and sweetly delicious. The creme brulee was very good as well. The sugar on top was nicely caramelized while the custard was firm but forgiving. I cracked the sugar on top, as usual, and dug right in. The Thai tea flavor came out brightly but the delicate custard balanced it out well. I really liked this and would definitely order it again.
Spot Dessert Bar happily surprised me. I went in with pre-conceived notions that it was going to be bad. You see, Asians aren't known for their desserts. I never liked them much growing up. The cakes with cream and fruit never wooed me. I always leaned towards Western desserts way more and have come to only eat those. However, Spot is a great fusion of both worlds: Asian flavors with Western techniques.

Spot Dessert Bar
13 Saint Marks Place
New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-5670


  1. Glad you liked it! Didn't know you had that preconceived notion. Have you been to kyotofu or Chikalicious? I haven't been to the latter but hear excellent things, and I've been going to kyotofu a lot lately - let's go! :)

    1. @FF: I have been to both. I think Chickalicious is better than all of them. Though I don't thick it's Asian fusion desserts.

  2. I love chocolate lava cake and their version with the green tea ooze was fine. CHOCOLATE!!!!

    Your thai tea flavor had my attention that night too. So interesting with its assembly.

    Thanks again for sharing your Living Social deal with us.


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