Friday, May 11, 2012

Farmers Rotisseria A La Brasa [CLOSED]

Sometimes I walk by a restaurant and say, "I want to go there one day" and never end up doing it. There is no excuse especially when it's in the neighborhood. Laziness and the comfort of familiarity wins out a lot of times. But I should be more adventurous. So Mr. M&P and I finally went to Farmers for their Colombian food and rotisserie chicken.
When you first step in you can see the chickens roasting from the front and the kitchen is directly to your right when you enter. The kitchen seemed busy working on take out orders. We were there to dine-in and were immediately escorted to the back where more tables were set up.

We weren't sure of what the portion sizes were since no one else had food on their table just yet. So we just ordered a bit of everything to try. First, the chicken and beef patties ($2 each). They came out really quickly and we couldn't decipher which was which. But a quick slice showed the color of the meat inside.
The beef of the left was flavorful but the texture of the meat was less than desirable. It was too mushy. It suffered from the added potato inside. The chicken was a little better but I still prefer chunks to pulled meat. The crust, however, was fantastic. Really crisp and crunchy. It was a welcomed contrast to the soft meat.
Our entree came with salad which was mediocre. Iceberg lettuce with unripe tomatoes, beets, and other various vegetables.
Our second appetizer, Avocado Stuffed with Shrimp ($14.50) was very interesting. One whole avocado was freshly sliced in half then stuffed with large shrimp doused in pink sauce. I have no idea what the sauce was but I think it was mayo based. The shrimp was well cooked and wasn't stringy. The avocado was creamy as expected. The fried plantains on the side were bland and not very good. Overall, this was just okay. I would have preferred the shrimp to be less coated in the mystery sauce. I don't think I would get this again not because it was bad. It just wasn't what I expected or wanted. It is a very large portion though. I have to give them that.
To share, we had the half chicken with beef ribs ($19). This took a long while to come but we were very happy about that. In fact, I think they timed it perfectly since we were full from the shrimp appetizer. By the time we got our entree, we were slightly hungry again. The half chicken was a good size and the beef ribs were 2 short ribs. It came with a side of plantains. This dish was definitely the star of the entire meal. The chicken was really juicy and super flavorful. The spice rub they used on  the skin was delicious. It penetrated into the meat and left me wanting more. The beef ribs were undercooked to order (medium) and was still very pink in the middle. However, the flavor was very good. Lots of charred spots and melted fat. The meat was just good. We didn't finish this meal and had enough to pick on the next day.
The chicken came with two green sauces. I believe the left is their version of aji chili sauce and the right was a cilantro sauce. Both were delicious while the left was obviously creamier and spicier, the right was more bright and lighter.
A side of rice and beans also graced our table. This was a good contrast from all the meat we were eating. The rice was fluffy and plain while the beans were hearty.
The food at Farmers was very good and the price was excellent. Their meat dishes are the ones that shine, as expected. However, I did see another table order shrimp ceviche and loved it. Maybe I'll order that instead of the weird pink sauced shrimp next time. Either way, I'll be back for the chicken and ribs.

Farmers Rotisseria A La Brasa
673 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10036
(212) 315-9797

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