Saturday, May 19, 2012

FBM Potluck 10

One of the things that I look forward to every few months is the FBM Potluck. This is the tenth one so far! Everyone's cooking skills have improved over the years so each and every party gets better and better. Below is a shot of my first plate. It's just a small sample of what was offered that day.
And my second plate. Again, small sample. Lots and lots of food was had and I try (try is the key word) to pace myself.

Nommables brought a lotus stem salad with shrimp, pork, fried onions, peanuts, and herbs. This was really refreshing. I enjoyed the crunch of everything and the slight funkiness of the flavors.
To serve, he also had some shrimp chips to make little cups with the salad. Even more crunch! Though, I did find myself snacking on these on their own.
BeerBoor, our dear host, made mini chicken fried steak. That man loves to fry things and I thank him for it. These little beef nuggets were place between a dinner roll with some brown gravy. Oh yeah, this was a delicious heart attack.
I made red wine beef short ribs. I wasn't happy with how these came out. They weren't tender nor flavorful enough. It was also a bad choice for a potluck since it was difficult to eat without a fork and knife. The sauce, however, was slamming. I kept it and used it in lieu of marinara when cooking pasta.
CT made beef barbacoa. The meat was really tender and full of flavor.
For contrast, she also made like a salsa to accompany it. It balanced out the richness of the beef nicely.
TT made spicy pork bulgogi with lettuce cups.
And spicy it was! But it was also screaming of flavor from the marinade he used with both soy sauce and sugar. I think people eventually forgot about the lettuce and just ate this on its own.
KC, out doing herself again, made pizza rustica. She has a brand new oven and wanted to show it off. And show off she did.
Look at the inside of the pizza rustica made with basket cheese and meats. This is one of the lighter pizza rusticas I've had and I loved it. It wasn't any less in flavor, just less heavy.
And she also made her famous stromboli. Oh, we fight over her stromboli! Never any leftovers.
This time, she went with a cheesesteak filling. Dang! This was GOOD. I mean ridiculously good.
Somehow I'm missing some pictures. Cheese made curry pulled pork. I think he's trying to perfect his pulled pork. As usual, tender juicy meat but I didn't detect much curry flavor. The vinegar stood out mostly which I loved. Give me NC pulled pork any time.

And lastly, Sir Meats A Lot made curried cauliflower. He was daring with the vegetable dish as we are obviously meat lovers. But I enjoyed the change in pace. Can't always have meat. Tender florets with a nice level of spices. Too bad he took away the rest when he left. Booo....

Fro dessert, CT made rum brownies. I discovered them later in the night and was inebriated already. The camera was put away a long time ago. These were very decadent. She didn't think they had enough rum flavor in them. I took some home and ate it the next day and WHAM! Hello, rum. I guess you can't taste alcohol in food if you've been drinking all day. Hahahahah!

For dessert, I tried to make a chocolate mousse pie but it was all sorts of fail. The oreo crust was way too hard. I had to stab it with the serving knife. The mousse never set properly (teaches me to make it the same day. Overnight next time). It was really messy. Favor was only okay. The espresso was too strong and overpowered the chocolate flavor. Sigh...I definitely need to try make this again to redeem myself.
Another wonderful potluck. Thanks to BeerBoor for hosting and thanks to everyone for contributing. Can't wait until the next one! Hopefully, my next dishes will be better.


  1. I'm totally going bulgogi tacos with some slaw/salad for the next one! NOM!

  2. You're your own biggest critic! I loved the ribs, and was pleased that a couple made it into my fridge for later consumption. And the mousse was perfect to balance the meaty saltiness of the day.

    As always, a pleasure to host. Now I get to kick back on everyone else's roof decks till winter!

    "Sir Meats a Lot" - ha!

  3. Great potluck! Lotsa foodz going on.

    I want a cheesesteak. DROOL.


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