Sunday, May 13, 2012

Parsi Dinner

Some home cooked Parsi Indian food always make me happy.

First the appetizers. Some tortilla scoops and jarred salsa. Not sure why this was part of the menu. Leftovers, maybe?
Green chutney sandwiches on white bread. Mr. M&P and I like the ones with hard boiled eggs in it but they're sweet and doesn't taste like vegetables even though they're mainly mint and cilantro.
And one of my favorites, kevobs or meatballs. Grilled until just cooked. So juicy and flavorful. Spices, onions, and cilantro add the flavors. A squeeze of lime brightens it. It's difficult to just eat one.
Chicken makhani for dinner. Loads of chicken and potatoes in a thick sauce. Just slightly spicy but a nice tomato flavor too.
Some spiced rice to go with the curry.
Cutlis as our meat entree was quite popular that night. These meat patties are made with seasoned ground beef, battered, and fried. Basically a flavored meat bomb in your mouth.
Freshly made pappadum. So crunchy, crispy, and slightly salty. Addictingly good.
A staple side salad with avocado when in season.
If you didn't think that dinner was enough, Ms. Pastry Chef made chocolate mousse. Oh soooooo good. So rich in flavor but light in texture. It's the perfect ending to a good meal.
Jealous yet?

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  1. I've been jealous for months and months! Love it!


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