Monday, May 28, 2012

Prime Burger [CLOSED]

Prime Burger has been around since 1938. Some people may call it an institution for its famous burgers using prime grade beef. But its so much more than just another diner/burger joint. You can get classic egg creams or milk shakes and the waiters work in sync perfectly. Well almost perfectly but more on that later. Prime Burger is a place that knows what its doing and has been doing it right for decades.
I arrived on the last day of service before it closed. With BeerBoor in tow, we wanted a last hurrah. This was my last and yet first try of the place. I have lived in NYC my whole life but have never even stepped foot in here. In fact, I've never even heard of it. Where have I been?

After we were seated, we ordered quickly. We both got the cheeseburger with a side. He chose the onion rings ($4 .75) which came in a strange batter that did not adhere to the onions. Sure, he was happy that there were fresh onions but the batter fell right off. He enjoyed them but they looked too unappetizing to me. I didn't try one even though he offered.
I opted for the seasoned curly fries ($4.25) which were very good. Nicely fried with a crispy crust and soft inside. I enjoyed the seasoning on the outside as well.
The cheeseburger ($6.25) comes with American cheese on a soft white bun. The option of lettuce and tomato on the side.
I took one bite and it tasted good. Nice beefy flavor and plenty of fat. Well seasoned  and cooked to my desire of medium rare. It didn't need ketchup but the addition of the vegetables added a nice contrast of texture. The size of the burger was smaller like a fast food burger than a pub style burger. It was just perfect though. The heft was decent and I was happily full after the burger and side of fries.
Prime Burger makes a solid burger. Well seasoned, cooked well, and a nice fatty mix of quality beef. Too bad it's closed now. Hopefully it'll open up in another location soon. The decor will be updated but I kind of enjoyed the kitchyness of the place. Very old school. The look of an institution.

Prime Burger
5 E 51st Street
New York, NY 10022
(212) 759-4730‎


  1. Mmm pork rinds...I mean onion rings.
    Burger sounds good. Too bad they are gone.

  2. I'm still shocked you'd never been before, but glad I was able to share your only foray into Prime Burger. And maybe it was a little late to worry about it, but we know never to order the chocolate shake on a busy lunch day.


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