Friday, May 25, 2012

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse

Whenever Mr. Haribo Mule is back in town and we go out for food, he requests steak. You see, Germany doesn't know how to really cook steak. It's quite sad really. But New York. Oh New York. We do steaks so incredibly well. A steakhouse dinner is quintessential for any visitor. And even better as a welcome home dinner. On this outing, we went to Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. None of us have ever been to this place so it's always nice to try something new.

We arrived on time and was promptly escorted to our booth. Ah, lovely. I really enjoy sitting in booths. I like the extra back support and room for my purse. I always volunteer (or push) to be seated on the inside. We were immediately served a basket of bread along with butter (which was cold, boooo....). Our drinks were shortly taken after. By the way, the drinks are strong here. Not overly so but more than just the perfect amount of booze in a cocktail. So I guess you can see that as value.
After a look over the menu and the specials on the wall, we decided to not get any appetizers. Instead, we would share a few sides. Mr. Haribo Mule had the USDA Prime 24oz Bone-In NY Strip ($47). He ordered it medium well. He seemed very happy with it. It looked really well cooked and charred to his liking.
Mr. M&P and I each had the special of the night: USDA Prime 24oz Bone-In Ribeye (~$55). Oh how we love ribeye steaks. We really enjoy the marbling of the fat that just melts into the meat when cooked. Lots of charring on the outside and yet perfectly juicy on the inside. We both ordered it medium rare and was cooked perfectly to our desire. This was one very delicious steak. I ate the whole thing.
For our sides, we shared the fries which were very crisp. So crisp that the last fry was still crunching under my teeth. Well salted too. No ketchup needed.
The onion rings were well fried too. You can tell that these were made fresh, battered, and fried. Look! I can actually detect onion in my onion ring! Though not as good as the fries, they were just fine.
The creamed spinach and mashed potatoes were individually served on each of our side plates. That's good service! The waiter split the sides evenly between us. No swapping spit here! Haha! The creamed spinach was very nice. Not too much cream but a pronounced garlic flavor. The mashed potatoes were creamy but dense. I prefer a slightly lighter mashed potato. Ricers and food mills do that nicely. But the copious amounts of cream, butter, and salt washed away any doubts I had about this spud.
I really enjoyed my dinner at Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. My steak was superb. Properly cooked and seasoned. The juices and the fat marbling were really good. They know how to cook a steak. The sides were also very good. The fries were just perfectly crisp and salted. The service was also very attentive without being intrusive. They were professionals that have been in the service industry for awhile. This place definitely moves up the list of favorite steak houses in NYC. To where? Not sure yet.

I'd also like to note that not all of the steaks are dry aged. So if you have a guest that prefers non-aged or wet aged, they'll enjoy this steakhouse very much.

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse
440 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10001
(212) 244-0005‎


  1. You know, I really enjoyed my steak at Uncle Jack's at the original in Bayside last year, but I didn't like Uncle Jack's the location you went to when I went years ago (pre-blogging). I don't remember why, but I just didn't - maybe it was an off night. Glad you liked it though! I would give it another go.

  2. Awesome. NY Strip is usually my fav cut.
    Aaahh, been too long since I had a delicious steak. Not been to Uncle Jack's yet. Hmmm.


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