Friday, June 1, 2012

Parsi Party

Guess what? It's another fancy Parsi party! Gut bombing delicious Parsi Indian food.

The appetizers consisted of spinach kebabs fried until browned. Some people prefer it with a squeeze of lime.
The taraporipatio sandwiches aren't everyone's favorite but I like them. Dried fish is reconstituted with lots of spices and a tomato based sauce. It's like a fish jerky sandwich. Best with white bread.
The green chutney sandwiches are refreshing and light. I like mine with eggs inside just like Mr. M&P.
And a few cheeses for those dairy lovers. A spicy gouda, port salut, and muenster cheese graced the table. All easy to please.
Shrimp pulov for dinner. Seasoned rice with loads of plump shrimp topped with fried onions, hard boiled eggs, and chopped cilantro. Can't eat Parsi Indian food without cilantro.
Delicious chicken marsala with a thick tomato based sauce. Again topped with cilantro and scallions. Mrs. Executive chef uses chicken thighs. She knows what's good.
And pattis. The glorious pattis. A fan favorite. Seasoned ground beef wrapped in mashed potatoes then deep fried. Oh yes! I've learned to make this but haven't mastered it. Not even close. Mrs. Executive Chef gave me a B- for my first try. Hahaha!
And dal: a split pea "curry". Thick, viscous, and filled with spices. It doesn't taste like curry but has a similar consistency.
And a nice big bowl of salad. Balance people. Balance.
Rotli for those who prefer bread with their meal.
And the big meal ends with a delicious chocolate mousse cake made by the wonderful Ms. Pastry Chef. She also garnished it with homemade dulce de leche ice cream. Oh yeah!
You know why I struggle with weight loss? It's because of meals like this. Delicious addicting meals like this. I can't help myself. It's too good. I want it all!!

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