Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm Back!

Hi Readers,

I'm back, well rested, and inspired again. I took a nice long break from blogging meaning no pictures and no writing. Sure there were plenty of places that deserved to be reviewed on this blog and plenty of recipes that should have been showcased. But that wouldn't have been a true break. I wouldn't have come back as soon and certainly would have continued to feel overwhelmed. I'm going to try my hardest to revisit some of those places and remake some of those recipes.

As I continue my journey though life and food, this blog will discontinue the daily posts. It's become too much and the content less than interesting. Instead, you'll have more well written pieces of meals that I find more meaningful. But don't you worry, the Weekly Lunches and Tuesday Nights will go on as usual.

Thanks for staying with me for the long haul. Hopefully you'll enjoy the new Tasty Eating.



  1. I'm currently in a 10 day trip in NY and your blog is a good source for tourists like me that just want to avoid turist locations and have love for good food.

    Thanks from a spanish guy!


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