Monday, September 17, 2012

The Cannibal

A long while ago (April, in fact), some FBM friends gathered at Cannibal to celebrate TT's birthday. And is there any better way to celebrate than with pork, beer, and friends? I think not.

We started off the night by ordering various plates to share and nibble on such as the beef jerky ($6) which I found just okay. The flavor was fresh and the meaty flavor was concentrated. However, I thought the prices was high for the amount that was served.
We ordered a board of salumi ($15) to start which came with various house cured meats, pickled vegetables, and preserves. I believe we had an assortment of salami, prosciutto, and ham. The pickled radish helped cut that salty fattiness of the meats well.
Along with the sliced meats, we enjoyed some soft cheeses, crack your own Brazil nuts, and bruschetta (not pictured). Then things got serious because we were all still hungry and imbibing to our hearts' desires. So we ordered up some more filling food. We tried a few of the tartares that night (steak, veal, lamb) but the lamb with red onion, capers, harissa aioli, and egg yolk was my favorite ($16). The slightly gamey minced meat was dressed lightly with pungent onion and tangy capers and then smoothed out with the spiced aioli. The raw egg yolk on top lent it another dimension of richness. It was a very satisfying version of tartare.
A few plates of the house made sausages were ordered as well. My favorite was the kielbasa with German potato salad and mustard ($11). The sausage had lots of spices and gave it so much flavor. The tangy mustard balanced it out very well. The mustardy potato salad was also a plus. If you don't know already, I love mustard and this was just up my alley. Though, in hindsight, I thought this was pricey for the portion size.
When we still couldn't be sated, we went for the big guns. Yes, we ordered the slow roasted half pig's head ($55) with fennel, honey, and cherry peppers. This was the best deal of the night. The pig's head was huge with ears, eyes, and tongue intact. There was a lot of meat on it and we happily picked away at it. Once the obvious meat was pulled off, I went hacking at it with the knife and fork. Oh yeah, I found a lot of hidden jewels in it and basically butchered and deboned the whole thing. I'm not sure if I scared my friends or made them happy since I was finding more and more delicious nubbins. What was left of the dish were the jaw bones and skull. All other edible things picked off and eaten. Job well done.
The space inside The Cannibal is quite limited but they do have an outdoor garden with tables that makes warm nights very pleasant for larger groups. This beer and butcher shop is good for people who like to share food family style. If you're more keen on composed dishes, try Resto next door. They're connected. I've been to both and each is quite nice. Different but both meat centric goodness.

The Cannibal
113 East 29th St
New York, NY 10016


  1. yum! boy time flies.

    the pigs head was really really good. pretty spicy from the peppers too.

    haven't been back because it was rather expensive, but should go back for the pigs head again. what a treat!

    Thanks FBM!

  2. I need to go there for the pig's head!

  3. Great time diggin' through pig head with TT and everybody.


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