Friday, September 28, 2012

Bocca di Bacco [Formerly Vucceria]

Months ago, a couple of friends came in from NJ to visit our closet sized apartment in NYC. We decided to do a low key dinner in the neighborhood. Since I'm always picked to choose the restaurant, I opted for Vucceria which was a relatively new Italian establishment in Hell's Kitchen. We walked in without a reservation and was seated immediately. I could see that most people were sitting at the bar enjoying some wine. Some tables in the back were filled with other diners. However, it was in no means full.

We started off the night sharing a plate of Polpete ($10) which were meatballs served with tomato sauce. The meatballs were small but light and the sauce was rustic with chunks of tomatoes. The garnish of basil instead of parsley was appreciated. I enjoyed these.
We also ordered the Calamari Fritti ($12) which wasn't very good. It was chewy and the portion size small. The accompanying marinara sauce was a world's away from the one served with the meatballs. I wouldn't order this again.
While my companions ordered the Veal Milanese ($22), Lobster Ravioli (~$25), and Cavatelli Di Grano Arso ($21), I had the Chitarrine ($19) which was shrimp, bottarga di muggine (gray mullet roe), saffron, and cherry tomatoes with spaghetti. It was a light seafood pasta dish that was satisfying. The serving size wasn't very large but it was just enough to satiate me. Some of my other companions weren't as lucky. Though the veal milanese was a very large size, both the cavatelli and especially the lobster ravioli was on the small side. The latter only had four ravioli's in the entire dish.
Two companions also ordered dessert which was tiramisu and apple tart. I didn't try either but they seemed happy.

Overall, Vucceria didn't do it for me. The food wasn't especially good and the service lacking. Whenever we ordered a dish, the waiter didn't know what it was and we had to point to it on the menu. We were nervous when he didn't write anything down but he came through and got all the dishes correct. To me, it's just another mediocre Italian place in Hell's Kitchen. Seems like we have a lot of mediocre places here.

635 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10036
(212) 262-2525

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  1. Your dish sounds up my alley. Chitarra (sp?) is a pasta that's meant to be cut on the strings of a guitar. I've always been fascinated by the idea and wanted to watch someone do it... I forget where you can do that but it sounded so good... anyway, sad that your meal overall was so mediocre. Hell's Kitchen seems to have tons of crappy Italian places


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