Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lunch Wee 26: Potato and Leek Soup with Roasted Garlic and Kielbasa

So every Sunday, I head over to the kitchen to whip up a big batch of food for lunch the next week. Yes, I brown bag. And I almost always do it every week unless I become too busy to even buy cold cuts from the deli. I do it for several reasons being health, finance, and laziness. Now, you may think that spending hours on a day off to prep and cook five meals at once is hardly lazy. But let me remind you, I hate it when the time comes to decide what to eat for lunch every day. I work in Midtown so the choices are endless. My problem, the more choices, the harder it is for me. So it's much easier for me to have my lunch ready and already decided.

So my lunch for the week: Potato and Leek Soup with Roasted Garlic and Kielbasa

This soup only has 5 main ingredients outside of salt, pepper, and oil. It's easy to make and gets better over time as many soups do. It's hearty and perfect for colder weather.

I've made this soup before so for the step by step pictures, please use my previous post here. However, I wanted to write a formal recipe this time. So that will be the basis of this post. Enjoy!

Potato and Leek Soup with Roasted Garlic and Kielbasa
Servings: 10

5 lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes, peeled and cubed
2 lbs leeks, 1/4" sliced
3 whole bulbs of garlic, sliced in half
2 lbs kielbasa, diced
3 qts chicken or pork stock

Optional garnishes:
Sour Cream
Grated Cheese

1. Preheat oven to 400oF. Place sliced garlic bulbs in foil add enough oil coat. Seal foil packet tightly and roast for 30-45 minutes until golden brown. Let rest about 10 minutes until ready to handle. Squeeze the cloves out into bowl. Reserve.
2. Heat stock up and leave on reserve.
3. While the garlic roasts and cools, place chopped potatoes into pot and cover completely with cold water. Generously add salt to water, about 3 tbsp. Let water come to a rapid boil over high heat. Cook potatoes until soft.  Drain and press through food mill or ricer. Add garlic and process through food mill or ricer with the potatoes.
*Cook's tip: I prefer to mash my potatoes with a food mill or ricer because I think it creates a lighter and fluffier mashed potato.
4. While both the garlic and potatoes cook, place sliced leeks into a large deep bowl and fill with water. Separate rings and let sit so the dirt and grit will sink to the bottom, about 15 minutes. Remove leek rings carefully without disturbing the water. Rinse and drain.
5. Using a large stockpot (I like to reuse the pot that the potatoes cooked in), add oil and heat on medium high. When oil is hot, add cleaned leeks and salt (about 1/2 tbsp) and saute until softened, about 10 minutes. Add mashed potatoes, garlic, and hot stock. Bring to a simmer.
6. While the potato soup cooks, place kielbasa in an oiled pan and pan fry until crispy. Drain fat off. Add to potato soup and cook for another 5 minutes. Taste for seasoning.
7. Serve hot. Garnish with sour cream, grated cheese, and/or chives.

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