Monday, October 15, 2012

My Trip to Cairns, Australia (Day 6): Reef Experience

The next day was the big excursion day. Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. I have been looking forward to this all my life. And I know that I probably won't ever get another chance to do it again since Australia is a really far trip and the reef is dying. So this was really my dream come true. In the early morning, we boarded a large boat that carried around 30 people. We were sized up with wet suits and flippers then seated to fill out the proper waivers. You know, as I put my life in danger and all.

This excursion was pretty much all-inclusive providing food, wine, diving, snorkeling, and other stuff. Photos and private tours were extra. Breakfast was pretty hearty with a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and fresh fruit like pineapple, cantelope, honeydew, and watermelon. Unfortunately, this was the only thing I ate that day as I got really sea sick even with 4 dramamine pills in my stomach. But that didn't deter me from scuba diving. In fact, the only time I didn't feel sick was when I was in the water. So off the boat I went into the clear blue ocean in seek of mysterious sea creatures. Oh, btw, the water was ridiculously warm. No shrinkage for the guys here. Hahaha!
So instead of the food I ate or didn't eat that day (which included: sausages, chicken, cobb salad, spring salad mix, cole slaw, avocado, shrimp, ham, more fresh fruit, wine, cheese, biscuits, crackers, etc.), here are some photos of the reef that I took myself. I had my point and shoot camera in a plastic casing that provided water resistance up to 30 feet. Did you know you can scuba dive in Australia without a license down to 20 feet? And that's what I did. You would see plenty of the reef while snorkeling on the surface but you would see so much more scuba diving. It's worth it.

Here's a giant clam. We threw sand in it's spout and watched it close.
Some clown fish hiding in the anemone.
And a rare sighting, the sea turtle which we fed. Don't pet them though as the sunblock on your skin can damage its shell and skin.
Overall, it was an amazing day. Sick or not, I don't have a single regret...well except for not slathering on more sunblock after every swim which they also provide. Yeah, sun burn central. The sun is strong out there.

The Reef Experience
100 Abbott Street
Cairns 4870
(07) 4051 5777


  1. You shouldn't throw sand into the clam or feed the sea turtles. They are wild animals, not pets or zoo creatures. It's because of people like you that the reef is dying.

    1. I was following the directions of the instructors and divers which they said was okay. In fact, they was a marine biologist there too that said it was okay. The sand does not kill the clam. The food for the turtle was picked up off the reef.

      So please, stop accusing based on assumptions.


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