Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Trip to Cairns, Australia (Day 8): Cairns-Sydney

And off to Sydney we went. Cairns was wonderful but it was quite small and had limited activities. You either visit the reef or the rainforest. I wouldn't mind a multi-day excursion to the reef next time to really see some of the more special locations. None the less, I am very happy with the experience I had there.

Another short plane ride (this time less than 3 hours) and another meal provided. Pasta with meatballs for him. The pasta, unsurprisingly, was very mushy while the meatballs were okay texturally. The meal was oversalted but again that's usually expected.

My dish of chicken chili stir fry with white rice and vegetables fared better. The chicken was moist and flavorful (they used dark meat). It was salty too but the bland rice balanced it out. The vegetables on the other hand were terrible and inedible. A candy bar for dessert was quite nice.
Again, before we landed, we had some mango ice cream again which was fantastic. Rich, creamy, and lots of natural mango flavor.

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