Monday, October 8, 2012

My Trip to Melbourne, Australia (Day 2): Pie Face

When we arrived in Melbourne, we checked into the hotel and immediately stepped outside to explore the city. This helps correct any jetlag that I may have and it also brings some life back into my legs after hours and hours of sitting. After some walking, we decided to look for something to eat. Neither one of us wanted anything fancy at the moment. So when we passed by Pie Face, I suggested we go there for some meat pies, a common street food for Australians.

Packaged into smart cardboard containers, these pies were definitely ready to be eaten in hand while walking. The circles folds back so you can easily hold on and bite into it without having to peel away a wrapper.
We bought a variety of three to try ($20). First, the Steak and Mushrooms which was pretty good with noticeable chunks of beef and mushrooms. The gravy was extremely thick making the pie really rich but the flavor was enjoyable.
The Thai Chicken Curry didn't taste of curry at all. The chicken pieces were dry and the sauce pretty bland. I wouldn't get this one again.
The Minced Meat Pie is the most common. I was expecting ground beef similar to an empanada but it was more like diced meat. It tasted very similar to the Steak and Mushroom with the savoriness of the meat and the thick gravy.
Each pie was pretty filling and we definitely could have gone with just one pie each instead of three. But as always, we over order. Anyway, the flaky crust of the pies was light compared to the richness of the fillings of meat and gravy. I could definitely see myself grabbing one of these as a snack on the run.

Pie Face
408 Little Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 430 093 677


  1. Have you had the Pie Face here? I haven't been back to them or Steak N Shake again.

    Oh, Empanadas. Maybe I should try Nuchas sometime.

    1. I haven't had Pie Face in NYC yet. Don't really plan to though.

  2. The pies at the Australian Pie Face look considerably larger than the ones at the Pie Face locations here. Also, tastier.


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