Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Trip to Melbourne, Australia (Day 3) Queen Victoria Market

The next morning, we woke up early to visit the Queen Victoria Market. It's a cross between NYC's Union Square Farmer's Market and the Grand Central Markets. Lots of vendors with fresh produce, meat, and artisanal goods to share.

But first, before we walked around the vast shopping area, we got some breakfast from a bakery. Ah, fresh baked bread. Really is there anything better?
We grabbed a variety including a bretzel (hard), a bagel (chewy), a cinnamon sugar doughtnut (really good), and a croissant (too chewy, not buttery enough, not flaky enough - probably due to the humidity). This carb-arific breakfast ($5.50) was washed down by a nice flat white coffee which is steamed milk over a shot or double shot of espresso, similar to a latte.
Fueled and ready for the day, we explored the grounds stopping at some dried meat and cheese purveyors for samples and treats for later on.
The fresh fruit and vegetables were bountiful. Local, organic, ripe produce. Go late close to closing time and everything goes on sale.
Need meat? There are plenty of butchers to choose from. Each seems to specialize in a particular animal. Shop around for the best cuts. There was also a seafood section which I failed to photograph. This was definitely a one stop shop for serious cooks and chefs. Very fresh and well priced. It was awesome.

Queen Victoria Market
513 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
+03 9320 5822

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