Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Trip to Melbourne, Australia (Day 3): Chips

One of the things I do when I travel aboard is buy strange potato chip flavors. Here I tried the honey soy chicken flavor chips. Weird. Really weird. Didn't taste like chicken but of an artificial sweet salty flavor. I wish it really did taste more like honey and soy sauce because that would be awesome. I'll just put this down as another failure for chip companies to make meat flavored chips. I haven't had one that I have enjoyed anywhere.


  1. Sweet soy sauce chicken flavor is awesome (I remember my mom used rock sugar to make hers when she did do it sweet.)

    Too bad it didn't translate onto those chips.

  2. I remember buying bbq pork rib and steak flavored potato chips in Canada. The steak flavored ones were overly salty and tasted like meat but in a weird way. The bbq pork rib chips just tasted like regular barbecue flavored chips.


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