Friday, October 26, 2012

My Trip to Queenstown, NZ (Day 13): Fergburger

When we first landed in Queenstown, New Zealand we looked for a bank to exchange money and then explored the area a bit. Naturally, we became hungry after a bit and decided to try out the local burger joint, Fergburger.

And boy was it crowded. It seemed like every one was there for one of their famous burgers. The line ran out the door but it seemed to move quickly so we stayed and waited. It was a good time to decide what we wanted anyway.
I like to go the traditional route when it comes to a new burger place so I had the Fergburger with cheddar ($12). You can't tell from this picture but the burger was huge! I didn't know how I would finish this.
Here's a sneak peek at the patty. It was flat and wide than small and thick. So what did I think of it? Delicious! The bread looked big but it was really soft and easily smushed down as I grasped the burger to shove into my mouth. The burger patty itself had a mix of seasonings that I couldn't identify. Sure this wasn't classic American burger (we were in New Zealand, were we not?) but it was equally as delicious.
Mr. M&P was feeling daring and very hungry so we went for the Big Al ($17) which included: 2 all beef patties, bacon, cheese, 2 eggs, beetroot, lettuce, tomato (he opted out of that), red onion, relish, and aioli.
I thought my burger was big, his was ludicrous. And yet he found the stomach space to eat it. I couldn't even get my mouth around it.
Unfortunately, his burger was so big that he wasn't able to help out with the sides too much. We had onion rings ($5.50), calamari ($5 for a 1/2 dozen), and fries ($4.50). The sides were very well fried and had a nice crunch on the side while the inside was probably cooked and tender.
Each side came with their own sauce (except for the fries in which you can pick your own) and so we had the: aioli sauce, wasabi mayo, and tomato sauce.
Fergburger was excellent and I enjoyed it very much even with the crowd. If you wait long enough, you can snag a table. Most people do takeout anyway.

42 Shotover Street
Queenstown Town Centre 9300
New Zealand
(03) 441 1232

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  1. MmmMmm double patty & double egg!! Sounds great!


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