Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Trip to Sydney, Australia (Day 10): Umami

Later that night, we went out in search of dinner.  We had nothing planned and decided to just stop in somewhere that looks decent and affordable. I knew I wanted sushi at some point on this trip and decided to go to Umami. It was small Japanese place that was somewhat filled. Most importantly, it was clean.

We looked at the menu and decided to start with the gyoza ($6) which were very mediocre. The wrappers were too thick and the filling unimpressive. They deep fried the whole thing but I'm used to just the bottom being crisp. Am I missing something? I wouldn't order these again.
To share, we had the Umami Deluxe Platter ($43) which included 16 pieces of salmon, kingfish, tuna, prawn, octopus sushi and 12 pieces of salmon, kingfish, tuna sashimi. As you can see, we were missing some of those advertised seafood like the octopus. This platter mainly showcased salmon and kingfish. I'm glad they decided just to serve us what fresh fish they had but I wish they had informed us when we ordered it. Our decision may have been different. Luckily, the fish that was served to us was fresh and in the end it was still a good value.
Even though our platter is supposed to look like the below picture that was hanging on the wall, we enjoyed our dinner. It would be a staple cheap sushi joint for me if I lived in the area.

73 Bathurst Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9267 5878

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